Required MUV / SUV in 11 Lacs Budget

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Mar 1, 2012
Chandigarh / Swansea
Okay.This is a good review on XUV500,Duster and Storme.Go for XUV500 only.Because,it has much Power and Features.
Thanks Music_swift. XUV500 W6 is costing close to 12.4lacs on road here in Chandigarh which is clearly out of budget. So have omitted this out of the list. Just the Storme, Duster and Scorpio fits in the budget as of now. Among the three i liked the Storme the best. Let's see all depends when Dad does the test drives when he comes.

Very good report GM88. Congrats for your decision for Storm LX which is really a VFM package. Please write your views on Storm thread[:)]
Thanks Gurrala74. Lets see, the final decision is still to be taken by Dad. And yes i've put up the review on the Storme thread too.[:)]
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