Pune - Leh - Pune Harley Ride

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Feb 26, 2013
hello All,

Me and missus are planning for a Pune - Leh - Pune bike ride on our Harley Street 750 during the second half of September so that we encounter the least amount of rainfalls and best of the roads. Can anyone help in planning it? We are planning a 2 week ride. There is a small group of riders who have shown interest to come with us. Although their bikes are like custom made for this trip.

We are planning to send the motorcycle via train to either Amritsar, Delhi or Chandigarh. and then start from there. Yet to decide which direction we want to go first Manali - Leh or Srinagar - Leh. Any pointers on this will be very helpful.

As of now we are thinking if we can get the spiti circuit also done in the same trip or not.

We would also like to know about the below:

1. Accommodation options.
2. Motorcycle Prep including a list of spares to take.
3. List of other essentials
4. Places to visit.

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.

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