PowerPig! KTM Duke 390 - October 2014

Oct 15, 2011
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UPS charger reminds me of my old days. Just a warning, Those UPS outputs are not isolated from the mains. It could give a nasty jolt. Ask me how I know. [roll]
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Sep 11, 2009
May 2020 - New foot pegs.

Due to Corona shortage, no signs of KTM spares any time soon. Thanks to @varunkumar2910, who swapped a 200NS footpeg on a KTM to check the fit for me. Now gotta find 200NS spare instead of KTM ones.


As usual, the neighbourhood spare shop, Spark Automobiles, came to the rescue, but with a duplicate one. Wanted to buy only the replacement for broken one, but since there is no specific time frame for KTM parts to come, decided to change both sides. Brand was Zodix. I bought 14T sprocket for FZ of the same brand. Seems they make replacement parts for most bikes and quality seems good. Foot rest per side cost ₹ 130.00. Original 200NS peg without the fittings costs that much. This included all the fittings including the spring.

2020-05-15 11-45-16.jpg

2020-05-15 11-44-25.jpg
2020-05-15 11-44-36.jpg
2020-05-15 11-44-48.jpg
2020-05-15 11-45-06.jpg
2020-05-15 11-46-06.jpg
2020-05-15 11-46-10.jpg
2020-05-15 11-46-18.jpg
2020-05-15 11-46-22.jpg
2020-05-15 11-46-29.jpg

No nut and bolt. Removed the splint pin and pulled out the pin and broken part removed.

2020-05-15 11-57-20.jpg

New one.

2020-05-15 11-57-26.jpg
2020-05-15 11-57-32.jpg

Installed. Retained the original KTM springs as 2000NS springs were not slotting in properly to the hole.

2020-05-15 12-07-18.jpg

Original 200 NS ones have longer curb feeler.

2020-05-15 12-07-28.jpg

LH replaced as well.

2020-05-15 12-35-44.jpg
2020-05-15 12-35-49.jpg

Original KTM foot peg.

2020-05-15 14-54-00.jpg
2020-05-15 14-54-03.jpg

More damages from the crash.

2020-05-15 12-07-39.jpg
2020-05-15 12-07-43.jpg

2020-05-15 12-07-51.jpg
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