Possible ‘Puncture Repair’ Scam At Your Nearest Fuel Station

Feb 28, 2014
Re: Beware! Roadside Puncture Repair Shops Scam in Pune

I experienced this twice. I visited two different road-side tyre shops to fill-up air in the tyres of my car. The local mechanic pointed out low air and suspected that tyre may have puncture. When checked he showed me multiple punctures. [surprise]
I was surprised to see that many punctures and got them repaired. I always suspected something was fishy but could not understand how. Now this article explains how this scam works in Pune.
How Pune
The mechanics first fill up the tyre with a lot more air than is usually done. This allows even small pores to open up and appear like punctures. They use water mixed with soap or Eno to get the foam. The water mix once sprayed on even a pore gives out bubbles, making the car owner believe that it is indeed a puncture.

Please do not fall prey to these scamsters and fill air only at big tyre shops or petrol pumps only.
I was conned couple of times and got poorer by Rs 500 each time. The shop is opp to Bavdhan Police station. [frustration]

If I am in Kothrud, I usually fill up air or repair from a shop below Amrutulay in left Bhusari colony. He is one honest guy. He also adviced to avoid shop dealing only in air and puncture repairs. If the shop is for repairing scooters and for filling air, prefer that shop. The patch for which some guys charge around Rs 200/- doesn't cost more than Rs 20/-.

One can also trust Kerala tyres shop in Pune.

Simultaneously, we can also share shop location in this thread where we all had good experiences.
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Oct 30, 2013
another trick. They can only do this in tubed onces. My vehicle used always get punctured. Like a slow punture. Every time the answer was your tube is weak. Then once I came to know the trick. When he was removing the tube with the tool, he pierces it hard and makes a mark in the tube. Then he opens the tube inflates it and show a series of punture and says tube is gone. Then he sell his local tube for more than double the price. Then the cycle repeats. I saw a line of marks purposefully done. I thank god now that there is tubeless to get out of this ordeal
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