Planning a Bangalore - Best Route for Ooty Trip

Nov 5, 2011
Just came back from Ooty, took Mysore road (instead of NH209) both ways.

Route update Bandipur-Ooty:

Gudalur road (NH 67) is in PATHETIC condition, don't take it unless you have vehicle with good ground clearance and not raining. My Punto scraped slightly (damage not yet inspected visually) when went through a pothole with loose soil at one place.

Wanted to take the 36 hairpin route going towards Ooty, but by 4 co-passengers declined that idea and had to take Gudalur route.

On return, took Kalhatti Ghat (36 hairpin bend) route downhill which turned out to be in _best condition_ and also saved 1 hr.

I would advise early morning start if you want to take this route on return as they may not allow (heard there are police who stop the entry).

Of course, stick to basics, check brake pads, remain in 2nd gear, at times switch to 1st, use brakes only when required.
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