Pioneer A935H Review?

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May 17, 2015
Hi All,

My first thread on this forum. It's good to see people discussing the ICE systems in a forum.

I'm going to replace speakers from my 11 year old Alto. This Alto doesn't have any speaker arrangement in doors, it has speakers on deck just below the front Windshield where windshield A.C. is present. I've checked the size & it requires 10cm/4' speakers on front. At the back we've Pioneer Oval installed on a plastic tray but one of them has blown off & other crackles when bass is turned ON. Front speakers' diaphragms are totally broken & both of them crackle with bass turned ON.
Current setup is 100W at the front & 400W(60W RMS) at the rear. All are Pioneer speakers bought 11 years ago.

I have bought a Pioneer X3790UI HU(with customisable Illumination) @ 4675/- with discount from Amazon.
I'm looking for a decent pair of speakers which will match the Impendence of 4 Ohm with my HU as I don't want to take any risks.

I have searched whole Internet but couldn't find anywhere review of Pioneer A935H speakers. I have read praise of JBL GTO 949,959 but nowhere other speakers praise has been mentioned.

Could someone tell me if I can be sure I would get good enough bass from A935H. These are also cheap than other JBLs & get manufacturer warranty too.

Also for front there are very less speakers with 10cm/4' size.
Few of them are:
Pioneer G415
Pioneer G425 Co-ax 2 way
Sony - XS GTF10272 Co-ax 3 way

Can you guys suggest me which one should I go with?

I have a budget of Max 6k for all speakers combined. As the car is old don't want to go for any hifi system.
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