Official Coverage: Mercedes Benz Star Off-Road Adventure Season 2017

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Sep 7, 2014
Delhi-NCR/ Mumbai

As you all know tomorrow is final of the Champions Trophy 2017 so there is no way I would miss that. So, A 2 day weekend Off-Roading event has been organised by Mercedes Benz India at Bhandwari on Faridabad-Gurgaon Road. Now, the event is scheduled for today and tomorrow. I made it a point to attend it today itself so that I can peacefully watch the final match tomorrow. The Star Off-Road Adventure Drive as usual had the Mercedes Benz SUV(s) lined up and all of us were waiting to experience the thrill all over again. Since it has rained yesterday in that area, the terrain became all the more conducive for doing off-roading. This time, I sat in the GLS and experienced the 7-8 obstacles which were created. Due to the rains at some places, the track was a bit slippery but overall it was a great experience. The approach road to the venue in itself was a off-road track as well for my Honda City. With a low GC, it was tough to make it pass over some of the speed bumps and potholes but managed it finally with a lot of care and precision. At some places on the approach 'road' it was all water and mud only and the narrow lanes made the drive quite difficult. At 2 places the car scrapped as well and it was like an arrow piercing my heart! So, here is the Official Coverage of Season 2017 from The Automotive India.





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