Nissan Lannia To Be Introduced in India in 2016

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Mar 28, 2011
Japanese automobile giant Nissan has unveiled its new sedan class Nissan Lannia in Sanghai auto-expo. This big sedan car has touch of all new design technologies. This new sedan is design by targeting Chinese and Indian market only. This is going to be a budget car of this year for sure. Nissan confirmed that the price of this new sedan class Lannia will be within the limit of people with middle income cap.


Nissan is coming up with some classy features like small four cylinder engine with automatic and continuous but variable power transmission system. It has a boomerang style head lamp and has a fantastic “V” shaped grille. Lannia will have a stunning 7 inches infotainment screen and a good audio system. Boot space is increased and it has a plenty of space as interior gets minimal but impressive. Though it unveils the car with steering on left, company assured that Lania will be available on both left and right steering control. It has some incredible chrome finishes in interior and exterior decoration that makes this upcoming Nissan car looks like a premium one.




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Sep 7, 2014
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Nissan unveiled the all-new Lannia at Auto Shanghai 2015, a culmination of vision taking the car from concept to reality.

Two years ago in Shanghai, Nissan introduced the Friend-Me Concept, followed by the Lannia Concept in 2014 at the Beijing Motor Show, and Lannia is the tangible expression of the company’s commitment to China.

Building on Nissan’s longstanding success in the sedan market, it’s the first product developed and designed for young Chinese generations, especially those in their 20s and 30s, seen as the nation’s trendsetters.

“Edging forward is not enough. The market in China is moving very fast, especially with the post-1980s generation,” said Titus Liu, Creative Design Manager at Nissan Design China. “They do not want to stick with the status quo, so we are dedicated to finding the next great breakthrough. This is important for us.”

Design and development was led by Nissan Design China, backed by the Nissan Global Design Center. Lannia’s styling speaks to rising Chinese who want to set themselves apart as both edgy and sophisticated, resulting in a stylish new look for a sedan that goes against conventions.

The new model also boasts Nissan’s latest iconic design signatures, such as the V-motion grille, kick-up C-pillar, floating roof and boomerang-shaped headlights.

“Younger drivers have grown up with modern technology, such as smartphones and tablets. For them, connecting and interacting with a car feels natural,” said John Zhang, Chief Product Specialist for the Lannia.

Lannia features integrated infotainment technologies designed exclusively in China, including an advanced audio system with smart-phone connectivity and a seven-inch multimedia display screen. It adds many of Nissan’s advanced safety features for enhanced driver control and security.
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