New TVS Victor Launched

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Sep 18, 2015
TVS has just launched the new Victor in India in two variants starting from Rs 49,490. It gets powered by a 3-valve, 110cc engine that makes 9.6PS and 9.4Nm of torque. TVS promises that the new Victor will have the refinement and efficiency of a 110cc motorcycle while delivering the performance of a 125. The new TVS Victor gets an all new design that features pinched edges on all the lines that add more character to the side profile.

The motor has been specially designed for the Victor with the top half of the engine being all new. It features an optimized CV carburetor, high capacity airbox, intelligent ignition system and a specially tuned exhaust to deliver 9.6PS. This, together with the silent cam chain, spring loaded rocker arms, and the unique oil cooled combustion chamber ensure that the Victor is one of the most refined motorcycles in the segment with a fuel efficiency of 76kmpl.

The new bike is built on a tubular steel frame that uses the engine as a stressed member. The frame is supported by a set of hydraulic forks up front and dual, series shock absorbers at the rear. The rear shocks are adjustable to five settings of preload.

The TVS Victor will be available in two variants, one with a disc brake up front and one without. The bikes will be priced at Rs 49,490 for the drum-brake variant and Rs 51,490 for the disc-brake variant, both ex-showroom Delhi.

New TVS Victor Launched In India At Rs 49,490 - Overdrive
Jan 4, 2018
Hi All

I have been riding this one since September 2016, for past 16 months, with 15000 kms on Odo. Bike is really refined and excellent to me in terms of performance.

But as we all know no bike in this world is 100% perfect, below are the cons / negatives I would love to point out, honestly from my heart, in order to help the future buyers to smoothen their decision making process on this bike.

> 2nd Gear is non-existent. I mean to say, when I suddenly slow down from say a 40-45 kph speed, and then try to build speed, 2nd gear doesn't help me, as it is supposed to do. My splendor used to pick up from second gear from a really slow speed say around 15-20 kph, when you slow down for something (without stopping / coming to complete halt or rest). Since New Victor completely goes lifeless in terms of pulling up in 2nd gear, I am forced to engage the first gear to build my speed, and I feel a very nasty jerk when doing that in 1st gear.

Otherwise all other gears are good. 1st gear is extremely torquey and feels good. 3rd & 4th gear are also enough powered. Sometimes I feel this bike could have had a 5th gear as well, since 40 kph is done with the engine speed at around 4000 rpm, and 50 is done at 4700 rpm.

It's an excellent city ride, but for the 2nd gear issue I am facing. Mileage is around 65 kmpl, which is pretty decent for a 110 cc and that too with 3 valve engine.

I avoid exceeding 50 kmph under any condition. 24 kms of my daily ride would be mid and high level traffic in Chennai and the other 24 would be a very free road, where my gear shifts would be pretty low and countable.

I maintain my bike with Vijai Motors TVS , Avadi - CHENNAI. Though the service quality is not that great, I have created a personal acquaintance with a mechanic there who takes satisfactory level of care in servicing my bike.

A good buy / VFM bike for Rs. 64700.00 on road price for Disc Brake version. (2016 BS III Compliant).
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