New Hyundai i10 Got ICE'D

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Sep 1, 2013
Hi Automotive Indians,

This is my first post and am so proud of it. I had earlier owned a Ford Ikon which I had modified to much higher extent that, it was so difficult to sell it (it had lambo doors which not much of our Bangalore folks liked) and to top it all, I had a problem with one of the doors too. So I finally decided to change my car but the decision to choose the car was not so easy. Having had a ford ikon, I wanted to go for a sedan, but wife wanted to go for a hatchback and after lots of discussions decided on Hyundai Eon but a last minute Auto Fair at Cisco and my brother-in-law, Deno Mathew made me change my mind to i10 Magna 1.2 Kappa.

But the tougher decision came when I found out that Magna doesn't come with a stock system and I had to go for an aftermarket system. This decision was a very tough one and I had researched for 3 weeks and finally found a proper configuration.

Head Unit: JVC KW R400 (2-din player)
Front Speakers: Infinity PR6500CS Component
Rear Speakers: JBL GTO 949

But again I was new to ICE and do not have much knowledge in music systems. The toughest decision was to find a place to install the systems and speakers. Again I had researched a lot and finally it went down like this:

Price (cheapest) vs Quality (of installation)

Car N Style in JC Road was the cheapest in Quote
But Auto Fusion in Koramangala was the best in quality of installation.

And I finally went to the Quality. When I called Thouqeer (owner of Auto Fusion and Car Fancy), unfortunately 2 relatives of his had passed away and he in spite of that gave me a quote for my systems and also gave me a suggestion to go for the following:

Head Unit: Pioneer FHX759BT
Front Speakers: JBL GTO 649C Component
Rear Speakers: JBL GTO 959

He also asked me what kind of music I like and gave the above based on that. I am a music buff and particularly a big fan of loudness and bass music and hence I went for a parcel tray in the back although Thouqeer bhai asked me to go for rear door speakers.

Yesterday went to his shop (near legends of rock - Koramangala - Just take first left after the restaurant and first left again) The moment I saw the Creator of a lot of best mods in town, I was convinced that I was in safe hands.

The perfectionist he is was immensely shown in the way he got his team to work on my new i10 and the team was patient and calm, fast but cautious both Javed and the boss who fitted my speakers were just way too awesome. [clap]

And in the end, I was so happy with the output, that I got him another customer, my bro-in-law who after seeing his finesse work, decided to buy a new pair of speakers for his Ford Fiesta.

Finally my i10 got ICE'D [:D]

p.s I managed to click a pic with the creator himself [;)]


Nov 6, 2013
Hi Varun, Congrats!!

I am yet to get the delivery of my Grand i10 Magna,

I am planning to get it ICE'd as well, and my friend also suggested the Pioneer FHX759BT head unit and JBL speakers, he has installed the same in his i20.

Wanted to check with you, if it gets properly installed or any space is left in the dashboard? And is it best to install it with hyundai itself or shall i do it with Auto Fusion?
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