New Hyundai Elantra SX | 3rd Service Update | 13500 KMS: Ownership Review

Sep 11, 2009
@deville - plasti dip will be an expensive option. And I don't even know or heard anyone doing it in delhi.

@vishnu- 3m has a good fragnant polish so it smells really good [:)] and true what you said.
Not that expensive. Original PlastiDip is listed 2-3k per can listed on various sites, but the actual price was around 950 MRP in 2013-15 era. Should cost less than Amazon prices if sourced from the original dealers. (Costs less than $10 if someone can send it through). There is Rust-Oleum Automotive Peel Coat, which is around 800-900 per can. DIY sprayable. Mask and spray. Peel off if not satisfactory or change in mind later. Seen many other less known brands at various accessory shops.
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Apr 21, 2012
New Delhi
@deville_56 - will look out for some dealers for the plasti dip.

The warranty , exhaust issue feel like a never ending task.
PUC got expired and it failed the test when I went Today to get it renewed.
Reason - exhaust leakage. There's no way a petrol car will fail test which is maintained properly.

It's been over a month and I paid 10k for the 5th year warranty 5 days back and they still haven't updated the warranty. When I ask the guy he just says have sent an email to HMIL. That's it.

I sent the failed pollution certificate to the guy handling the matter and clearly told him if I get challaned your service centre will have to pay the challan and if something like this indeed happen I will make sure they pay.

So the process will be something like this. First they will give me the warranty certificate , only after that they will order the part which will take god knows how much time.

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