Need Help with Blaupunkt Head Unit

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May 25, 2012
Hello all. I own a Safari dicor 2.2 EX which is of 2007 manufactured. It has factory fitted blaunpunkt head unit. When I browse the menu I had a Aux mode but there is no Aux-In slot on the front panel. So I asked the car accessory guy to check in the rear. He opened the system and told me that there is this relay missing. Which is the slot to which the cord can be connected. I asked the Tata showroom and the service centre if they could help me with that part. But they had no clue. Can any one enlighten me with the actual name of the part and if I can get it in Pune. Does anyone has the contact number of blaunpunkt service centre in Pune. The cd slot has also gone bad. It doesn't read the cd and displays cd error when I insert the cd. The cd does really work in other players. So the cd is all good. I agree that 2007 player is a pretty old one but I'm actually short of funds now. Will upgrade as soon as I'm comfortable. Eagerly waiting for your replies. Thank you.
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