Need Help on Kochi - Kollur - Pune - Jaipur - Delhi - Manali Trip May 2019

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Oct 6, 2018
Hello guys,

Me and my family are planning to goto Manali from Kochi in the end of May and early June.
The trip is finalised. Only the details to be finalised.

We have 7 people including men and women, no small kids.
All are vegetarians.
We are going in a Toyota Fortuner.

Current plan is like this

Day 1 Kochi - Kollur Mookambika
Day 2 Kollur to Pune
Day 5 Jaipur
Day 6 Delhi
Day 8,9 Kullu Manali
Day 10,11,12 return.

Can anyone let us know the proper route to take from Kollur to Pune?
Google shows the following route
1. Kollur - Kumta - Gokarna - Yellapur - Haliyal - Kittur - Belgaum - Pune

An old thread here shows the route taken from pune as the following
1. Pune - Dharwad - Kalghatgi - Yellapur - Kumta - Kollur.

Which one is preferable when travelling from Kollur to Pune given the road conditions for fastest and safe route?

We have 3 days for Pune to Jaipur. Statue of Unity is something we wish to see.
What other places can you guys suggest?
In that route, where should we plan the halts?

Also any comments on Delhi to Manali route will also be helpful.

We plan to use Google Maps. But recent experiences of others would be better.

How is the Jio network in this route, especially in Himachal?

Thanks you.
Mar 19, 2014
Kollur to Pune you can take "Kollur - Kumta - Sirsi - Yellapur - Hubli - Pune". I traveled on this route and this is the fastest route. The roads are good all over.

For Pune to Jaipur - If you start from Pune around 5:00am then you can target Halol. You may also visit Statue of Unity on the way. For more details please check my recent Travelogue.
Halol to Jaipur can be done within a day. You may also explore Chittorgarh if you have time.

I have not traveled beyond Jaipur hence can't comment on it.
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