Need Help in Deciding Between Used Bajaj V15 & TVS Apache 160 RTR

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Dec 13, 2011
Bajaj V15 or Apache 160 RTR - used bike query

Hi all,

One of my close friend is looking forward to buy a Apache RTR or Bajaj V15
He is sure that he wont go for new one due to budget constraints, we were checking out online reviews of recently launched bikes & have this query.

Purpose: Daily office rides - 30kms max per day
How long will you own it for? - 5yrs
Previous bike - Pulsar 150 (he sold it few yrs back, since then a wagon R is his main ride)
Long rides - Planning for a Ladakh ride sometime in June/July this year, otherwise can expect a 1000km/3days trip every 6 month.
Mileage - 40kmpl
Speed requirement - 80kmph (does not want much vibrations)
Budget - max 50k

Based on the above requirement, we went out and test rode a few bikes (Shine, Tvs victor, Star City etc)

Bajaj Pulsar = Too expensive (for new/ old - new=96000/- on road)
Victor & 110cc bikes- too commuterish and skinny tyres
Yamaha = too plasticky & does not feel well built as such
RE = just too heavy for daily use, gracery shopping etc (+ also my friend weighs just about 58kgs, so he is not confident about it)
the list goes on......

Finally it struck that Apache RTR was the most appealing of all & fits all his requirements. Since we only took short rides that lasted 10mins max, I want some doubts to be clarified.

About Bajaj V15 (2016 & 2017models)
Is this 150cc engine same as the pulsar 150?
Since rear wheel is smaller than front - front R18 & rear R16 - any issues?
All bikes for some reason have the rear seat highers than rider's, but this bike isnt that inclined - ?
The vibrations on this bike are harsher than most other bikes I have ever ridden (excluding RE), will this reduce with user of synthetic oil?
Last question about this bike - Will there be any newer model say V15 with 180cc engine etc likely to be launched soon?

About Apache RTR
1. Real world mileage - Is 40kmpl achievable for a sedate rider?
2. Although the seating position is nice & sporty, will this leaning forward cause elbow/ wrist pain on long run?
3. We loved the top speed, acceleration, braking (in fact everything, except price)
How much would a single owner 3yr old apache cost?

I know that this is too big a list, but the buyer is a KEEPER. He does not sell anything soon & tends to stick to it for a very looong time. So a bit cautious on this purchase.

Thanks & Regards

Jun 27, 2014
Hyderabad (Chennai)
My suggestion was Apache RTR 160, I have used for 9 years and sold it recently (2015 chennai flood effect). I brought Yamaha SZ RR now and on every ride with SZ RR, I remember my Apache and how good it was.

I used to get avg of 45 to 53 in Chennai traffic, others will complain about seating position and elbow/ wrist pain, but I never faced any such issues. If I am able to sell my 6 months old SZ RR I will go back to Apache RTR.

Bajaj V15 is too short for me, so I didn’t consider for my purchase.
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