Namaste TAI!

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Feb 17, 2017
Namaste to all the members of this wonderful family! Thank you for making me a member of this wonderfully knit community!

I am Kashyap Devareddy,..
I live in Bengaluru.. the charming pothole ridden.. cosmopolitan city that I've been brought up in!
I'll be turning 17 years old this June.
( 12 months away from a license) ..

My love for cars made me break the law and I learnt driving in my remote.. zero traffic village in south coastal Andhra Pradesh. I've driven 3 cars so far.. 2008 Swift VDi, 2005 City GXi, and a 2014 Ciaz ZDi.

With underage driving being the only rule I've broken( not proud of it). I try my best to be safe and vigilant while behind the wheels.

Apart from cars, I love music.. I began with Carnatic music some 12 years ago and a looong bridge was built between Carnatic and Heavy metal... With each pier bearing all sorts of music besides modern pop, modern rap, and electronic stuff... I play a rare instrument.. the Veena.. and am learning how to play guitar so I can pick up the bass..

My other hobby though... Is ripping apart.. studying.. and modifying cars.. which I've never actually had an opportunity to. But I still love that..

I'm a student entering 12th grade and this year's apparently the most important year so that might hit me if I have to post something elucidate.. For instance I'm all eager to post about our spanking new Hyundai Tucson GLS but my final exams start tomorrow.

Usually, we purchase cars under our company's name and since my parents last drove some 20 years ago.. they're dependant on a driver. My paternal uncle does drive.. and it's usually him and me that make a decision for the cars...

So the cars my family currently use are

2005 Honda City GXi 1.5 i-dsi petrol...
THIS car is my favourite... I was 5 when we drove it home in November 2005... I remember every moment with it from when I first saw it at Whitefield Honda.. how it saved my family in two major accidents... And is very sentimental to me.. hopefully my uncle listens to my cries and doesn't sell the car.. it's repairs are more than what it is worth and so I hope I can work on the car myself and eventually mod it my way.. it's chomped out some 85,000 odd kilometres till now..
(bone stock conditions with everything original except for replaced front brakes after a failure led to an accident some 8 years ago).

2014 Maruti Suzuki Ciaz ZDi (o) .. we got it right after the launch in October that year. November 26th.. yeah... We would've chosen the Z+ option but we had already sold our swift and we needed a replacement ASAP.. so we decided not to wait until the Z+ came out in Jan '15.... It's run 40,000 kilometres (diesels are always the big workhorses of the family)

2015 Maruti Celerio VXi AMT..
This one's used only by aunt.. I must say it's a brilliant car.. and the manual mode is a nice touch.. it's covered approximately 9000 Kms..

2017 Hyundai Tucson 2.0 CRDi GLS
This one's just a month old.. bought in white. The first advanced car in the family.. lot of brilliant touches.. should be writing a brief review on it later..

Our Used beauties..
1999 Maruti 800.. bought in a rare blue .. the first car in the family.. sold in 2007... Have hardly any memories with the car as I was a baby... I mean the car itself is a year older than me.. sold to buy our third car.. the Swift.

2007 Maruti Swift VDi..
This was the first diesel in the family.. a true workhorse.. and it covered 1,80,000 Kms in it's 7 years.. sold in 2014.. for a solid 3 lakh rupees!!

Well then.. I guess my post is too lengthy for an intro..
So I would like to explain the choice of my username.. "i-dsi dolphin" .. well.. it's named after my favourite ride.. the Honda City 1.5 I had mentioned earlier.. she's just too pretty and the unsung cult the car carries.. in countries like Thailand.. just endorsing that 100bhp engine.. agile.. spacious.. and mod friendly.. quality oozing car..
The 1.5 litre i-dsi engine.. and the car's unheard of.. "dolphin" nickname led to my choice of username..

Once again. I'm grateful to have been made a member of TAI! Thanks and keep it revvin!
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