My Precious Blue Diamond: Tata Nexon XZA+ AMT D

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Jul 20, 2010
Bengaluru - Chennai
From the past one month, I have been observing loss of a few psi pressure in the front left tyre. Today, I checked the tyre pressures. All the three tyres recorded 32 psi. The front left recorded 27 psi, indicating a loss of 5 psi/month. So, inflated the tyre and took it to the nearby puncture repair shop. He checked and found no punctures. Then, I told him to check the wall tube pin. He checked and found that it was worn out at the tip. So, he replaced it with a new one and inflated the tyre. Paid ₹ 50 and returned home. Now, I have to continue to monitor it for a few weeks.
The menace of loss of 5 psi/month in the front left tyre continued, when the other 3 maintained the correct pressure. So, took it to the puncture repair guy and insisted on checking it with soap water test. He did that and insisted no puncture. He again replaced the wall tube pin. When I asked him to try once more, he repeated the soap water test after inflating the tyre more. We located one puncture. He extracted a small nail deeply embedded inside the tyre. He repaired the puncture. To our dismay, he located one more tiny puncture, this time without any embedded nail. He repaired that too. I paid ₹ 300 and returned home. Now, Blue Diamond is still on observation. I suspect that these two punctures happened during our recent Ladakh trip itself. The final toll is 4 punctures in that Ladakh drive, which is a record-breaking for me and my cars! [sad] I did a to and fro drive between Bangalore and Chennai with those 2 punctures! [shock]
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