My Honda CBR250R Ownership Review

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Sep 11, 2012
To Respected CBR owners,

Can you provide the idea what is the Engine Valve De-Carbonization meaning ?

During making of the Job Card service advisor insists me to do the Valve De-Carbonizing which will be cost around 1500/-, what is this thing ? He also mentioned it involve led machine stuff, At first I didn't agree but after hearing the horror story I decided to go for it.
At First ask your advisor to show where are valve located and also ask him about how it works ? I will advise against this So called Valve-Decarb .
What is Valve-Decarb ? :P frankly speaking i've never heard about such thing since i've started riding .

There is a procedure called Engine De-Carbonizing, but i think you wont need to De-carb any thing before 80-90k kms . Please avoid such false advises from these people as they are there to do business and its obvious that they want to make max money from a Premium customer .

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