My Glistening Grey Maruti Suzuki Swift Reborn ZXi (2015) AKA Grey Beast

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Nov 19, 2014
Adding a bit more info for Mr.GNaveen

I had clutch noise (A noise as if 2 rubber pieces are rubbed together , when i depressed the pedal) at 12k km , the issue was rectified by a clutch overhaul .(Covered under warranty). The whole transmission hub was dismounted , the clutch assembly was then inspected , and it was regreased with spray grease .
Then again the clutch cable end was greased (In bonnet side) and the pedal lubed.
Issue was rectified .
(Initially tried rectifying by greasing and lubing , both didn't solve and thereby dismounted) .
Now the hardness is not a botheration , its an issue only during B2B traffic , your feet aches .

The other issue I will resolve if the issue gets too much , as anyways pretty much sure Maruti's clutch life is until 45-50k km , so when clutch replacement is done , will ask them to inspect Synchronisers also .(Saving slightly in labour)
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