My Garuda: VW Polo 1.2 TDi Ownership Review (90K Crossed)

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May 23, 2014
My Modifications and Maintenence

Things done do far
  • Noodle mat
  • towel type pure cotton seat covers from Koyas CBE
  • Suspention Upgrage
  • general Service
  • Stebel Horn

Noodle floor mats and seats
From Koyas , 3.5 k for seats , 1.5k for mat
View attachment 212453
View attachment 212454

Suspension Upgrade :

Upgraded to old 165mm GC hight Stock to 175mm Kit.
which is the current suspension for 1.5 tdi
i purchased TRW Brand.
You can find all the parts in Boodmo parts site. i bought for 6k in Aadithya autos cbe.
View attachment 212455
View attachment 212456
View attachment 212457
View attachment 212458

also i have researched and got prices for parts for polo .find the attached images
View attachment 212459

General Maintenance:
View attachment 212460
View attachment 212461
View attachment 212462

Service has been done in Castrol Pit stop Near 3m car care stanes CBE.
well knowledge persons and equipment, with less labor costs.

find the clear pricing catalog which i collected.
View attachment 212464
Major mistake I made.
Review of TRW SHOCKS

Hi guys, here I am giving a review of TRW SHOCKS after 30k KM's of driving, the worst quality shocks ever, they are cheap OEM replacement with no OEM TUNING to it, the compression and damping ratios are same in these TRW SHOCKS which are good for linear spring rate coil overs, with a stiffer spring setup, the VW 2011 to 2013 are German spec. Springs with different non linear rate with 10 mm less height when loaded compared to the 2013+ Polo and vento, and the dampers used in stock are German made and indian made too, but tuning of compression and rebound are same, to test it remove the damper and hold it between your shoes and try to give a spring action, you must feel easier compression and harder rebound or when you try to pull up it resists harder than compared to compressing it, when I tested the TRW it's same pressure and there was very little resistance to it on both cycles and the fact every mechanic or any one will say if the shock return to original position after compressing it's a good and if it doesn't its shot..
Which is totally bogus for new gen gas filled shocks, even if the valve or oil breaks down inside, the gas filled in outer tube will make it come back, so don't fool around with these concepts, all you need to check is compression and rebound forces , spring will take care of rebound.. the valve inside the struct is more important than the returning rate.

When I decided to change the shocks , there started the whole new confusion for me.

The part no of the original struct was
Available in boodmo without image for 2.3k pc.
Spring colour code 2 white 2 blue
Which is no longer available
The current 2015+ has 6RF413031B + 4 orange coaded springs
Available at boodmo for 1.7k pc

The actual European spec struct part is
6RF413031AJ , which is 14k in boodmo 1 pc. Also used in GTI, AND AUDI A1 etc.

So for mean while I decided to put my original shocks back with the link rod, which all I thought where shot because the mechanic told me that they where gone.

After changing I noticed 10mm lesser ground clearance and when I push the bonet down it comes back and stays , it doesn't go little higher and come down, which was happening on my TRW, on these TRW shocks when ever I go to a speed breaker, whole bonnet will go up and down and compress back and then come back to stable position, which was annoying and never gave a settle ride at highways.

Now after changing the old ones, I was surprised with the handling and amount of body roll it controlled, I got goose bumps after knowing how OEM parts make hell of a difference..
Also coming to the link rod part
The part I swapped was a Chinese in pics above, which easily bends if you stand up on the rod portion keeping it in floor, where as the OEM ones where sturdy and dint bend at all.

These are the small things makes difference.

A caution to all VW polo and vento owners up there, the link rod with bent sheet metal type is no longer available, in market, only few stocks are available in few stores, try to get one before it's long gone, because you need to import it if not.

Right now I am so much confused to either go for
Same OEM 6RF413031C i need to import.
Or 6RF413031AJ 28k
Blisten b4 10% higher damping to OEM tuning 35k
Blisten b6 30% higher damping to OEM tuning 50k
Even KONE ones are there.

Melay and Monroe brands are also available but tuning is I'm not sure..
If you want a old stable yet comfortable tuning the compression must be soft and rebound must be high damping, which might not be same in all other brands .

I don't understand why aftermarket struts not giving us the damping and rebound values for customers , so that we can get the ones which we like for our needs.

Coming back to the suspension, a important point which I missed is the springs , these are the main issue makers
The old age ones are 10mm lesser in height and had different spring rate , while new gens have 10mm higher to increase ground clearance and bit harder rate to compensate the difference. But the dampers too have 10mm height difference to adjust to it.

Ryt now I am searching for a better solution on this, shower me your thoughts on this.


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