My Black Thunder: Mahindra XUV500 W6 (60K Completed)

Sep 24, 2020
Hi All, I am going through similar problem of Infotainment problem discussed in the thread.....
I own a XUV W6 2015 just clocking 35000Kms in Bangalore - During the lock down in March / April I faced the problem in my music system & now its told that its Infotainment problem & need to be repaired only through Nippon. I googled & saw its not only my problem, Lot of customers have this problem & only few have come online to discuss this. Spoke to the Customer Care Head from Bangalore & he is not ready to accept it to be Manufacturer problem, he wants consumer to bear the complete cost. My argument was its not wear & tear repair & hence it need to be owned by Mahindra. What is your view on this? Can I go to consumer court / file online?
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