My Black Panther: A Ford Fiesta 1.6 SXi Pre-Owned

Feb 2, 2010
Margao, Goa
Today Akshay and me checked out a grey Fiesta 1.6 SXI. Was in real good nick by the owner was quoting 3.30 L. That's way beyond the market value for a 2010 Dec model run 82K kms. I was thinking more around 50% of the quoted value.
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Jun 2, 2016
Been a while since I updated the thread.
Odo stands at 79300kms.


Below work had to be done on the car during last one year.

1. Evaporator coil gave up sometime in September 2016 and got it replaced at local AC mechanic for 8400/-.

Entire dash had to removed which was good in a way since lot of dirt had accumulated over the years. Only drawback was that the dash rattles now when going on bad roads. Doing a DIY fix is WIP.

Counted exactly 58Rs in coins dropped by the previous owner. Which means I got even better deal!

2. In December, driver side power window switch gave away.
Called Ford and found that the entire control module have to be changed. Cost Rs1700 something. I wanted to check what exactly failed so removed the door panel and unlocked the control module. On dismantling found that a plastic pin that presses the electrical contacts had broken off. Out came Fevistik and this was fixed. Total expense Rs2.5 and 1hr of my time.

3. Wiper motor failure Last month i was driving through heavy rains and suddenly the wiper stopped working. Was downright scary experience since I was doing about 90kmph and next moment visibility was ZERO. Pulled over and found that motor had destroyed one or more internal gears. Somehow tailgated slow moving vehicles and reached my friends garage. New motor costed 4300 something and also the Ford ASS was a bit far so called up few nearby scrapyards and found one from a less used Fiesta for 2k.

Sometime in between the driver side spray pipe had sheared off. Got that changed as well. Cost 300 bucks something at FASS. Didnt have time for Jugaad this time.

Other than this regular service was carried out at 71k during which Timing belt kit and drive belts were changed. Also got rotors and pads changed.

At 74K, suddenly the valve gasket gave up and I could smell burnt oil/rubber from engine bay. It was changed. Total damages 3.5k.

Took her for regular service yesterday and also for POS hose recall. All filters were changed and also the spark plugs. I can feel low end response increasing which I had been complaining for a while. Also after the PS fluid change, I can feel steering getting a bit smooth which was my another long pending complaint. Will get definite answers only after doing some speed runs [:D]

I have also got few things installed on car.

1. S type spoiler. Since I couldnt find the Original S. Did the next best thing.Cost INR 2700. Next in line is a Body kit and few other performance mods.

2. TANTRA Bluetooth receiver. Since Fiesta doenst have bluetooth enabled HU I bought this. Wonderful device. Connects without fuss I use it mainly for calls but friends tell me the music quality when played via phone over bluetooth is great too. Highly recommended.

3. Have also installed OBD Scanner device ELM 327 picked up for Rs 550 and Torque Pro app.

To sum it up, this is one hell of a drivers car. Some may have much better pickup and top speed but I doubt anything in this price range can beat it around the corners. I call them home. Sadly Ford in India is forgetting their DNA :(

Few random pics over the year.

#FordFans. My other car. Figo 1.2

I dont believe in babying my car, except the mechanicals. Seen here working at a pickup.

Of course a much needed TLC followed immediately!


When the car becomes a mirror, one of our dogs sees his opponent in it [lol]

Not everyone who likes a Ford is a two or Four legged animal [surprise]
Oct 3, 2020
Hi Akshay, it's great to see Fiesta properly maintained as well as used. Also, your hands-on repairing skills are great!
I am actually in the market for a used Fiesta 1.6S. Not in a dire need actually but upon realizing that such a car doesn't and won't exist in the future, thought of trying my luck.
Since I am new on the forum I don't have the option to message you. Can we connect maybe on mail or phone?
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