Mumbai - Bangalore - Mumbai: Diwali Break

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Sep 20, 2017
Completed a drive from Navi Mumbai to Bangalore and back during the Diwali break.

Navi Mumbai (Seawoods) to Bangalore (Sarjapur Road) - 982 Kms - 13 hours 15 minutes (Start time of 4.30 AM and end time 5.45 PM) - with 2 breaks of 30 minutes each

This was the smoothest and quickest of the 4 times I have driven on this stretch. The date was 7th Nov and maybe due to Lakshmi Puja, the roads were completely empty. Started from home (Seawoods) at 4.30 AM and drove non stop till first break at Vithal Kamat, before Khambatki Ghats. (The food was just average, cold chutney and idli. The dosas were OK)

After a quick breakfast continued the drive. The toll plaza's were empty and I could pass through without loosing time. My Fastag was not working but even then, the only place where I had more than 2 cars ahead of me was at Kognoli toll.

Took a fuel stop at the HP outlet around 10 kms from Belgaum. Calculated the tank to tank fuel economy and could get 19.2 km/l. Initial plan was to have lunch at Hubli, but due to very less traffic, passed Hubli quite early and halted for Lunch at Kamat Upachar after Haveri (next to IOC petrol station). Again a quick lunch and we were on our way.

(Must say that the food here was not up to the mark and overpriced. This was my first experience in Kamat Upachar and was not happy)

There was a quick bio stop after Chittradurga, but apart from that a non stop drive till the destination. Reached by 5.45 PM.

My speed was around 100 - 120 most of the time except between Hubli and Chitradurga (anticipating Police interceptors) where I stuck to the upper limit of 100. I really love the road between Chitradurga and Tumkur. This particular day, it was almost empty. There was some traffic after Tumkur but not like normal days. Took the NICE road where again there was less traffic.

Everyone was surprised with our drive, my wife and children who accompanied me and the folks at Bangalore who were expecting us around 8 PM.

The advantage of the quick onward drive turned into a nightmare on the return drive..took 17 hours and 30 minutes. Details to follow..
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