Maruti Ritz Diesel (2013) Oil Leaking Through Turbo

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Oct 3, 2009
Ritz VDI bought new on 2013. Everything was good until Turbo oil leak was detected in August 2018.
Once Turbo was replaced due to slight oil leakage in November 2018. There is still oil leaking and I showed it to Turbo repair shops and, they removed air filter and other assembly to show that there is Engine decompression which results in oil being pushed through turbo and intercooler. The suspect is overheating which may had happened sometime earlier (No warning lamp glow). They asked me to immediately rebuild engine (DDIS/Multijet 1.3). I again showed to another reputed workshop. They asked me to leave the car there and on next day they also think it needs rebuilding. Lastly, I showed to Maruti Authorized Service Popular Muvattupuzha (Kochi) who after brief checking, asked me to drive the car for another 10000kms, and checking oil levels frequently. Popular is telling when it comes to replace timing chain in 100000kms, they may look at engine rebuild too. They are all discouraging a engine rebuild which can cost anywhere between 50k to 100k. The workshops are saying it is a gamble to rebuild engine as it all relies on lathe works precision. Half engines (Cylinder block and pistons, connecting rod etc) costs are very high.
My point of view:
  • Engine sounds normal. If a cylinder failed, there should be some noises, right?
  • There is slightly high engine noise (diesel clatter). Slight reduction in pulling also.
  • With the oil entering turbo, I assume turbocharger will conk off in few thousand kms?
  • Timing chain replacement may be due in another 10000kms.
  • There is no pool of oil in the floor. Only in the Turbo and it's plumbing you see oil leak.
What should I do? Please help me whether I should keep this car or sell it off?

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