Maruti Gypsy (Carburetor) Service Recommendation

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Sep 17, 2019
Hi, I have a 1998 Gypsy King .
Specifically, I'm having trouble starting the vehicle ( I have to pour a little petrol directly into the the carburetor to start up) and it is idling rough, with tendency to stall if i go off the accelerator pedal.
I have recently replaced the mechanical fuel pump and also tried adding an electric fuel pump inline before the mechanical fuel pump. This did not make any difference with the starting issue and rough idling, so I removed it.
The idle mixture solenoid also appears to be working, if I disconnect the power to it, the engine stalls.
So it may be a lean fuel mixture issue - adjusting it is not something I can do.

The problem is finding an experienced mechanic in Bangalore who can service a carburetor model Gypsy. Can anyone give me recommendations - I am in CV Raman Nagar area.
I have had a bad experience with the big maruti workshops close by.
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