Maruti 800 Coolant Overflowing From Reservoir

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Nov 18, 2019
Hello guys. I have a Maruti 800 2008 non-ac model. It has run around 55k kilometres.

Recently I encountered a problem where the temperature needle of the car went to the extreme H position after driving it for even a kilometre or two.(I changed the coolant just 88 days ago) But it used to return to the middle as soon as I stopped driving. I took the car to a local garage and they said it happens when the car gets old and that there's some kind of thing (I am attaching a picture of it) which prevents the water flow or whatever he said I don't remember exactly. He removed it and the problem got solved. However, when I returned home from the garage and was about to turn off the car, I heard something from the engine. I saw that coolant/water is overflowing from the reservoir at a very rapid pace. I again took the car to the garage and they said the radiator is unclean that is why it is overflowing. So the radiator was cleaned but unfortunately the problem is persisting. Remember, I again had to change the coolant just after 3 months due to the cleaning of the radiator.

Now what is happening is when the radiator cap is opened and the car is on, bubbles appear and brown substance comes up and just after some time this liquid is transferred to the reservoir. Now the garage guys after much discussion among themselves are telling that it is a head gasket problem. Are they correct this time? Should I go ahead and change it?
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