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Nov 8, 2013
Cochin, Kerala
Hai all
I have maruti 800, 2000 model. The problem is that the car does not have an Audio system. So i want to add a music system to my car. I need suggestions from you guys. I love music and I hear most songs are from BASS category.

My planned budget is around 10,000. When I refer on the internet most of them are telling about audio system in 800 is

Front Speakers:
6.5” component system (external crossover). Fit it on the door panel (but my car’s door panel is slightly weak. it bends when I strongly press on door panel). Someone suggest that place those speakers under front seats. Can place a 6.5” speaker under seats?

Rear Speakers:
6x9 oval Coaxial Speakers.

My doubts are,
1.Where I place 6.5” speaker on the front.
2.Where I place the 6x9 ovals. Is a board or box is better for bass.
(Someone say that place a “Sub” on the rear instead of pair of oval speakers. Will it give the same effect..? which is better. ? Due to 800 is a small car, a sub may likely to be kill my car).

Suggest me some Cost effective HU (with 3.5mm jack and usb) + 6.5” component speaker + 6x9 oval or sub, total budget is around 10,000. Also welcome suggestions with different configuration from you…
Thank you


Dec 13, 2011
Mar 9, 2013
Hi akhilpm777,

I would suggest going for a Pioneer or JVC single din HU which has USB support and AUX support. Installing a 6.5" speakers in stock location in front door pads of M800 is a bit difficult as it requires some alterations to door pad. My guess is you can easily fix 4" coaxial speakers in stock locations. The problem is finding good 4" speakers as few manufacturers provide good 4" speakers. With all respects 5.25" and 6.5" speakers are much powerful and sound much clearer and louder but fitting them in M800 would be a big headache. I don't think you can fix 6.5" speakers under seat in a box.

Need to check if 5.25" speakers can be fitted into stock location in front door pads. Do check with your local car audio installer. If yes the go for these:-

Polk Audio DXi5250 5 1/4-inch mobile/marine audio component system

DXi5250 - Car | Polk Audio®

If not better go for 4" speakers in stock location.

Polk Audio DXi400 4-inch coaxial mobile audio loudspeaker

DXi400 - Car | Polk Audio®

For rear 6 X 9 coaxial speakers you should mount them in a ported box to get as much bass as possible. Don't you tray as it will cause rattling in future.

Infinity - Primus 9603i - 6 x 9 inch Coaxial Speakers

Infinity - Primus 9603i - 6 x 9 inch Coaxial Speakers (300 W) [Pair of Speakers] - Buy Online @

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