Make in India = Cheaper Cars?

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Apr 3, 2015
The make in India campaign looks to impact the automobile manufacturing sector in India (in components as well)
The website has some impressive and promising stats. Apparently India is the 7th largest manufactured of vehicles in the world and 4th largest automotive market by volume.
automotive manufaturing clusters have also emerged in the country - Delhi-Gurgaon-Faridabad in the north, Mumbai-Pune-Nashik- Aurangabad in the west, Chennai-Bengaluru-Hosur in the south and Jamshedpur-Kolkata in the east.

On top of that the govt has allowed for 100% FDI in manufacturing! Manufacturing and imports in this sector are exempt from licensing and approvals as well.

the govt also claims that Global car majors have been ramping up investments in India to cater to growing domestic demand.

Personally i very happy to read these stats, in hopes that cars will be cheaper in the country soon and also i hope to see more varieties of cars be produced in India, for indians.
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