Lucknow Cops Take Seized SUV For ‘Joyride’: Owner Tracks Vehicle & Locks Them Inside

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Jan 16, 2016
Lucknow: Three Lucknow Police Personnel had a hard time on Wednesday as they were stranded around 143 kilometres away from the state capital in the Lakhimpur Kehri area after they took a seized vehicle on a ride. Using a tracking system, the car's owner stopped the SUV’s engine and locked it, leaving the cops stranded inside for two hours.

The personnel could be ‘rescued’ later, only after police officials requested the owner of the vehicle to unlock the security system through his mobile app. In this bizarre incident reported from the state capital, the SUV (Mahindra Scorpio) was seized and brought to Gomti Nagar Police Station (where the accused cops were posted) due to an issue between two parties. However, the issue was resolved and later on the owner of the vehicle Akhand Singh was asked to take back his car.

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