Legal Procedure For Managing Accidents

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Jun 20, 2013
Guys , how to handle if we had unfortunate accident.

scenario 1:
Irrespective of who ever fault , vehicle met accident and injured persons in another car/bike.

Scenario 2:
Unfortunately the other persons in car/bike is in serious injury/ deceased .

Basically i want to know , what the legal system is demanding us to perform in these situations and in cased of compensation will our insurance can use to settle the amount..?
And how we can avoid jail time if any..?
Jun 27, 2016
Re: Managing accidents

I don't know exact legal procedure, but here is what i would do -

1. I'll check my self if i am injured or not. If i am injured i'll try to call ambulance before i lost conscious. Be calm as much as possible.

2. I'll try to get out of my car and see if people in my car are injured or not. Then i move to other car. If there are any signs on fuel leaking, i'll pull survivors, injured and deceased out to safety in that order.

3. Call ambulance and clearly inform them the number of people involved in that accident and their situation. [This will help them to bring additional equipment if necessary]

4. Do not give water to survivors, it'll likely to choke them.

5. If necessary perform CPR.

6. Then inform police. [Always call ambulance first, we might not get another chance to call]

7. If possible exchange insurance information and talk to an witness and get his info.

8. try to take pictures of accident if it's not your fault [discretion advised]

9. Inform insurance. Compensation depends on insurance plan, more likely they'll give only some amount. Remaining amount perpetrator has to pay.

10. Legally avoiding jail time for the one who caused accident is difficult. Normally he'll be charged with man slaughter, count varies depending on number of persons killed. only way to avoid jail time in to prevent victim's family going to court [highly unlikely]
There are other ways to prevent jail time, but it is indecent/insensitive to post on a public forum. Better to consult a well connected and experienced lawyer.

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