It Came, She Saw, We Conquered! Yet Another Hyundai: Our Grand i10 Sportz (O) Petrol

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Nov 30, 2009

Let me start with my usual phrase - "It all happened all too quickly". Well, very true to an extent. My wife joined a driving school, got the license in March and we thought of adding a car to the garage.

1) Small and nimble
2) Priced under 5L
3) Petrol
4) Good low end torque and easy to drive in city (this will purely be a city car)
5) Decent kit (Parking sensor, camera etc)
6) Safety kit (atleast airbag)
7) Decent boot

We started looking out for second hand cars. Santro was our choice but wasn't able to find a decent one. I wasn't too keen on getting the 1st gen Santro even which was priced above 1L. There were many sweet deals on some really good sedans but she didn't want to try out a sedan at first. Since I preferred to get a new one, we started our search for an entry level hatch. We also had an option of getting the car through CSD.

Competitors: (The points mentioned are directly taken from my wife who is not an expert. So not necessary that all agree to it :biggrin:)

Hyundai Eon: (Popular Hyundai, Vytilla)
Went to the Hyundai showroom to test drive the Eon. The car had the right size and decent kit but wife wasn't impressed with the drive. The front seats were too small and I could brush my shoulders with the co-passenger. She wasn't comfortable finding the biting point of the clutch too. We decided to turn this down as she wasn’t too happy with the drive-ability.

1) Perfect size.
2) Decent kit.
3) Hyundai's known fit and finish. It was all well put together.
4) Wife liked the way it looked.

Not so good:
1) Interior space was not great.
2) Car did struggle on the highway.
3) She didn't enjoy the drive-ability in the city.

Tata Nano and Tiago: (RF Motors, Kalamassery)
The showroom didn’t have the test drive vehicle of the Tiago but checked out the display car. Was impressed with the way it looked and loved the HU. But it still showed signs of cheap and tacky plastics and I knew this will sound like a rattle box in the future. Wife showed the Nano parked next to it and decided to check it out. We had to wait for the test drive vehicle to arrive so to kill time, I decided to hop into the Hexa and feel accustomed. Fearing that I would cancel the plans of buying a car for her and get one for myself, she quickly pulled me out and asked me to comment on the Nano. The test drive vehicle was sort of abused and had few niggles. Was impressed with the ample room inside the cabin and the SA could easily sit behind me. In short, my wife was really impressed with the Nano but I wasn’t since this was a dying car and had its end almost visible. For that reason, I had to convey the heartening news to her. She was devastated. Also, the showroom experience wasn’t all that good even though they treated us well and took us for a pretty long test drive. The follow up isn’t good – I am still waiting for the call to test drive the Nano AMT. They had some good offers for the 2016 models and the on road price they quoted was around 3L.

Pointing out Nano's points since we didn't get to drive the Tiago

1) Interior S-P-A-C-E. Loads of legroom in the rear seat.
2) Visibility was great.
3) Drive-ability was really good.
4) Small and easy to drive around in the city.

Not so good:
1) Absolutely no kit on offer.
2) TD car had a lot of rattles. Showing signs of the things to come.
3) Dying car. Sales numbers showed all that.
4) Dealership experience.
5) According to my wife - Me, since I had to convince her to go with another car.

Ford Figo: (Kairali Ford, Edappally)
I always loved the Figo but was not impressed with its sales numbers. Also, Figo Aspire is one hot car in the local taxi market and I didn’t want anyone to hop into our car when we slow down near someone’s house thinking it came to pick them up (Joking). I totally loved the way it looked. It was a breeze driving through the city and we almost finalized on it. Here’s the CSD price list.

figo csd.jpg

1) Exterior styling.
2) Best drive-ability among the cars we tested.
3) AC was very efficient.
4) Good NVH levels.
5) All black interiors.

Not so good:
1) Space inside wasn't all that generous.
2) Steering wasn't all that light for city use.
3) Even though it had a decent kit, there were many features missing when compared to it's competitor.
4) The black interiors looked good but gave this claustrophobic feel inside.

Renault Kwid: (Renault Kalamassery)
They had the Kwid 1Ltr and the Climber edition on display. I loved the Blue color which was only available on the Climber edition but those orange add-on was an eye sore. I should point out that the sales executives weren’t well informed and the follow up was very bad. They didn’t have the test drive vehicle and we requested to call us when it’s ready. Come on, I know it’s doing well, but a week’s wait for a test drive? Finally, we managed to book for a test drive. It was pretty good to drive but the quality was bad. The accelerator pedal was of low quality (flimsy and flexible) and and I knew that it would give way in couple of months. The AC was bad. The car was in the shed and still didn’t cool the cabin well.

Kwid Price list


1) It looked a lot larger than all it's competitors.
2) Good to drive around in the city. Had a decent punch too on the highway.
3) Generous boot.
4) Steering was good to hold and pretty light for city use.

Not so good:
1) Quality. Was evident in many areas especially the accelerator pedal.
2) AC was not good and was very loud.
3) Dealer experience was bad.

Hyundai Grand i10:
Back to the Hyundai showroom to check out the Grand i10. The facelift model didn’t excite me much. Luckily they had Magna, Sportz, Sportz (O) and Asta available in the yard for us to check it out. Loved the gear position (like the first gen i10), gear shifts were smooth and overall we loved the way it drove. Magna and Sportz had decent kit but Sportz (O) looked VFM to us. It had all the essential kits like airbag, rear parking sensors, camera, 7” touch screen with Android Auto and Apple Carplay and few others. Got the CSD price list and the quotation required to process the CSD approval.

CSD Price


Original Price list


1) Fit and finish
2) Loaded with features.
3) Light steering and easy to drive around in the city. Decent highway performance too.
4) Interior space.

Not so good:
1) Although the steering is light, it was very vague and unexciting.
2) Some essential kit missing (DTE, avg fuel consumption etc).
3) Service cost on the higher side when compared to it's competitors.
4) The previous gen Grand i10 looked better. This seems that it's crying for attention.

CSD Approval Process – Kochi:
Not going in detail on this as there’s a dedicated thread on this. Just posting my experience and details of the Kochi unit that will be helpful for anyone coming here.
1) CSD 2/4 Wheeler section is located in the main campus next to Naval Kindergarten (First floor next to Dena Bank).
2) Vehicle approval will only be done on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9.45am to 4pm.
3) Make sure you reach by 8 or 8.30 as it will be crowded. This process is done only in Kochi and Trivandrum (Kerala) but 90% of the crowd will come to Kochi.
4) Give one copy of the quotation to the concerned person and collect the application form and the token number.
5) Fill the application form with all the necessary details and wait for your call. They call around 5 applications at a time.
6) During this verification, you will need to submit all the required photo copies and also present the originals.
7) You will need to pay the INCS charges. Things will be easier if you choose a card payment. Once that’s done, they will hand over 3 forms (white, green and yellow). All these 3 forms are the same.
8) Submit these forms at the counter and you will need to furnish the original documents for verification.
9) The forms will be collected to be signed by the Naval officer in charge. You will need to wait as they collect around 40-50 forms at once to get this done.
10) Once this is done, they will call out your name and you can collect all these forms which will should be submitted at the dealership.

Few Pointers:
1) Make sure you carry all the originals, 4 photographs.
2) They ask you be seated in the next room and the concerned staff will come there and call out the token number. This may not happen and many people missed their numbers. Make sure you visit the office and check on the numbers being called.
3) It’s better that you give the final 3 forms for approval before 3pm after which they collect and ask you to come the next day to collect. I could see few people shouting at the officers as they were asked to come the next day. Those people were coming from distant places.
4) The staffs here can be rude so carry/present all the documents on time.

Couple of days later, I get the call that the car has arrived. Immediately went to the yard to check it out in flesh. Here are some pictures of it.

yard 1.jpg

yard 2.jpg

Vehicle Price (Ex-Showroom) – 562,091
B2B Insurance – 19462 (Free)
Road Tax + Registration – 45917
Basic Accessories – 1400
Extended Warranty (3rd year) – 4686

On Road – 617,094

Engine Specs:
1.2 Kappa Petrol
Power – 83ps at 6000 rpm
Torque – 11.6kg.m at 4000 rpm
Fuel Tank – 43L
Length – 3765mm
Width – 1660mm
Height – 1520mm
Wheelbase – 2425mm
Tyre Size – 165/65/R14

The loan was approved in a day and the money was transferred to the dealer the next day.

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Nov 30, 2009
Re: It came, she saw, we conquered! Yet another Hyundai - Our Grand i10 Sportz (O) Pe

Dealership Experience:
It’s the same as written in my Creta ownership thread. Excellent as always. This is my 3rd car from Mr Alby but Mr Dinesh handled most of the communications. He made sure that everything went well as per my request and sorted all things for me. The car is running on temp plates and shall be getting the permanent number sometime next week. Special thanks to Mr Mithun as well (He was also part of the delivery process). The odometer read 20kms and filled the tank with 5L. The low fuel warning lamp was lit. I opted out of the feature demo as it's very similar to the Creta except for Android Auto, Apple Carplay and Mirrorlink.

Post Delivery Experience:
In one sentence - Diesel spoiled me, but loving the lag free drive. It's perfect for city use. Drove for around 60-70 kms in city and highway (majority being in city). There's ample power to drive around the city and manageable on highway drives too. Wife took it to the streets as well and loved the creature comforts that's helping her. Some feedback on various areas:

1. Quality:
Hyundai is known to offer the best quality interiors in it's segment and it doesn't disappoint. A lot of hard plastics are used but it's well put together. The buttons/controls are shared with it's bigger and more expensive models so it gives a premium touch.

2. Engine/Steering/Drive-ability
It's a breeze to drive around the city, thanks to the light steering. But due to this, it isn't exciting to drive on the highway. You somehow feel disconnected. It's of the perfect size and the lack of leather won't be missed. As I had mentioned, the steering feels soft and is well contoured. But it's a busy place. You have buttons on the left, right, top and bottom. If you tend to drive placing your wrist near the door, be prepared to hear different audio modes being changed frequently. It's does weigh a bit when you push the gas pedal but no where confident boosting like in some expensive models from Hyundai. Best suited/crafted for city commutes and short highway drives. An up-size should make things better. A more responsive steering feedback would have been the icing on the cake. But having said that the light steering, short turning radius makes it easy to park and one excellent city car.

The engine is very well refined and silent. Heard that the diesel is not that well refined. Since it provides a good low end torque, driving in bumper to bumper traffic is stress free. It's one peppy engine and power is constantly available till the redline. The light clutch also makes it easy to drive around and add the excellent positioning of the gear stick. On the highway, it's no monster. It provides decent power on those highway run. I haven't really pushed the car but feels it's capable for short highway drives. On an incline, it does struggle a bit and you will need to downshift for those overtakes. The engine revs freely and add no turbo lag and it feels a joy to drive. It's got ample ground clearance and we managed to drive through some big potholes/speed breakers without any problem. In fact, my wife missed a speed breaker and went in too quickly - Surprisingly, no issues. No high speed corners in this as you don't feel confident to push it to the limits. I am anyways planning to get the wheels aligned later this week.

3. Audio (AVN)
Audio is just satisfactory (not a deal breaker for us). The 4 speakers are placed on each door. The touch screen is very responsive and haven't felt any lag. Tried playing music through USB, Bluetooth and worked fine. The reverse camera is very clear but they do not provide adaptive guidelines. It doesn't come with in built navigation but you have the option of using Gmaps through Android Auto which is always better.

4. Comfort
As of now, we found it to be really comfortable. The driving position, seat cushioning, under thigh support are all good. The only thing I miss is the driver armrest. I had a feeling that those integrated headrests would play spoilsport but I was wrong. It's very well integrated. It's strictly a 4 seater even though you can manage to squeeze that third person behind. The floor hump is marginal but the rear AC vents eats up usable space and can be irritating for the middle passenger.

5. Mileage
Too early to comment on this but I will be happy if I can manage around 12-14 kmpl in the city. I think we managed to extract around 15kmpl till date (majority being during city commute and busy highway sections)

6. Gearshift/Clutch
Like I had pointed out, the positioning of the gear is superb. It's at the right angle and height. An armrest similar to Ecosport/Xylo would have added that extra comfort level. It's got a decent throw (not too long or short) but can't match Ford's gearbox. Although the gear slots well, I feel Hyundai's gearshifts are a bit mechanical/artificial. Clutch is super light and placed at a good angle. After driving this, I found Creta's clutch to be heavy.

7. NVH
The cabin is very well insulted and you won't hear a sound from the engine. A bit of sound makes through when it's revved but I do love revving petrol engines. It makes a sweet noise. There's a small amount of wind/road noise creeping in but I would say it's the best in the segment. Some of the competitors were really bad.

8. Brakes/Suspension:
Gone are the days when Hyundai used to provide a bumpy ride. This absorbs the potholes really well and the rear passenger was very comfortable. Found the brakes to be pretty decent but will get to know how well it fares after driving it more. Doesn't feel spongy like what's seen in the Creta. I feel it's similar to the Ford - At low speeds, it's absorbs the potholes really well but on high speeds, it's got that 'thud' feel.

So in short it's ticks all the requirements needed for a city car - Light steering, easy gear shifts, light clutch, perfect turning radius etc. No wonder, I see quite a lot of them on road.

Some observations:
1) The DRL's work only when the handbrake is released and switches off when the headlights are on.
2) The single horn provided sounds like it's from a kids tricycle (more on this later).
3) Loved the gear position and slots well. Wife happy to see that the reverse gear is in normal position but I feel a bit confused after coming from Creta.
4) AC isnt that powerful when compared to the Creta but does a decent job.
5) Audio is decent and the bluetooth works really well. Tried few calls and both parties were able to hear each other well.
6) The door control switches are not back-lit (same as Creta).
7) The antenna is really long (reminded me of the Swift). Wish they had retained the shorter one from the previous gen.

These are few things that I observed in this short time. Will update the thread with more.

Missing Features:
Had to compromise on few features by not going for the top end model. But as mentioned before, this provided all the necessary features that my wife wanted so it's a good VFM. But listing out few that's not present in our car.
1) ACC - My previous cars spoiled me and I miss this
2) ABS - Comes only in the "Asta"
3) DTE, Average/Instantaneous FE etc instead they have average speed and elapsed time something that's unnecessary for us
4) Driver armrest
5) Rear wiper
6) Alloys - not a deal breaker for us
7) Better keys
8) Lock/Unlock beep. Miss this feature from the Creta. You always have to look back and see if the car is locked.
9) Speed sensing auto lock. Dont know why they miss out on some essential and useful features. This is there in the Creta.

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Nov 30, 2009
Re: It came, she saw, we conquered! Yet another Hyundai - Our Grand i10 Sportz (O) P

The Dashboard
A dual tone finish provides an airy feel to the cabin. Good use of the light shade only on the most visible section. No overdose of beige like in the VW.


Steering mounted controls
It comes with the mute/volume rocker on the left, Mode selector (audio) and track selector on the right, Phone actions and voice recognition on the bottom left and trip/reset button on the bottom right. Although the steering is not wrapped in leather, it isnt hard like the ones that came in my Swift. Good thought Hyundai.


Door Pad
All 4 doors have a bottle holder and a small section to hold your wallet/phone etc.


Headlight level adjuster


Round AC Vents
Small amount of air still manages to come even when they are shut.


On the right you have the controls for the lights (headlights and front fogs) and the indicators.


And on the left you have the wiper controls. Rear wiper is present only in the Asta.


Good to hold but not leather wrapped. Think the diesel's got a different gear orientation (similar to the Creta)


Center storage
Comes with two bottle holders and one is felt lined. The other bit is best for wallets. Not a place to hold a phone. Not deep enough.


AC Controls
The knobs feel good to use but ACC would have made things easy (Asta comes with ACC).


More storage
You have the 12w socket, USB and AUX port here. You have a good place to store your mobiles here.

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Nov 30, 2009
Re: It came, she saw, we conquered! Yet another Hyundai - Our Grand i10 Sportz (O) Pe

Door Controls
You have the usual controls here (mirror, window). Miss the "Auto Up" feature.


No height adjustment on the seat belts


Cooled glove box - One useless feature


Rear AC Vents


Coat hook on the rear grab handle


Comes with dual airbags


Layout of ABC pedals
Clutch feels light when compared to the Creta. Lack of dead pedal not a big issue considering that this is a city driven car.


Seat adjustment lever. No seat height adjustment.


Climate control sensor but no ACC module.


A close up of the seat fabric
The lighter bit can get soiled easily. Saw this in the Ecosport. But a comfortable place to sit.


Phone mic placed above the driver seat


Fuel lid opener next to the drive seat. No boot lid opener here.


Bonnet lever


Vanity mirror on the passenger visor. No light though.


Ticket holder on the driver side visor


Map pocket only behind the passenger seat


The seats are part art leather (back side)


Rear leg room when the driver seat is adjusted for my driving position


Integrated rear headrests. A bit small for tall people.


Rear parcel tray. Good quality and it's not flimsy.


256L boot space is pretty accommodating and the intrusion is minimal.


Rear view isn't bad even though the C pillar is a bit thick.


Yes, you do have this coming up every time you start the car.
Thankfully, you don't need to wait for a few seconds for the agree button to be visible like in the Creta.


AVN home screen (lower models come with a 5" touch screen)


Comes with Android Auto, Apple Carplay and Mirrorlink. Picture of Gmaps using Android Auto.



MID shows 2 trip-meters, average speed and elapsed time





Wide ORVM offer a good view of what's happening behind


And comes with a neatly integrated indicator


Body colored door handles (Asta comes with chrome)


Side plastic cladding available from Sportz (O) onwards


165/65/R14 Goodyear rubbers. Neat looking wheel cover


Neatly integrated mud flaps but looks small


Exposed wires for the defogger is an eyesore but thankfully it's of good quality


A look at the engine bay
Very well laid out. There's no engine guard at the bottom and you can easily see the ground.


DRL's and fog lamp housing


DRL's - This is pretty bright


Neatly integrated rear camera. The boot lid is also behind the logo


Close-up of the rear reflector (I didn't like this)


No insulation on the hood for the petrol


Close up of the new grill treatment. I prefer the previous model


Partial cladding visible in the wheel well (both front and rear)


Recommended tyre pressure


Close-up of the roof rail


The rear reminds me of this -> :biggrin: (Old model was so better)


Few random pictures





Creta vs Grand i10


Accessory Update:- Horn
Like I had mentioned earlier, the single beep horn that came as OE was really bad. Went straight to the shop to get it changed. Got Hella horn for around 1k. It sounds so better now.


Stay tuned for more!
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Aug 10, 2009
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Re: It came, she saw, we conquered! Yet another Hyundai - Our Grand i10 Sportz (O) Pe

Note: Thread now live. Great review and congrats on new ride! [thumbsup]

Drive Safe,
Jun 4, 2014
Re: It came, she saw, we conquered! Yet another Hyundai - Our Grand i10 Sportz (O) Pe

Dude, Congrats and your new ride and welcome to the Grand Siblings club! That is one detailed review and I appreciate your effort.
Mar 30, 2011
Re: It came, she saw, we conquered! Yet another Hyundai - Our Grand i10 Sportz (O) Pe

Very well put together write-up, Naveen. Choice of some words brought a smile. Great. Congrats and wish you many many happy miles.
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Nov 30, 2009
Re: It came, she saw, we conquered! Yet another Hyundai - Our Grand i10 Sportz (O) Pe

Dude, Congrats and your new ride and welcome to the Grand Siblings club! That is one detailed review and I appreciate your effort.
Thanks a lot dude.

Very well put together write-up, Naveen. Choice of some words brought a smile. Great. Congrats and wish you many many happy miles.
Thanks a lot Vijay. [:)]
Mar 19, 2014
Re: It Came, She Saw, We Conquered! Yet Another Hyundai: Our Grand i10 Sportz (O) Pet

Congrats Naveen for your Grand i10. Have safe miles !!
Sep 28, 2011
Re: It Came, She Saw, We Conquered! Yet Another Hyundai: Our Grand i10 Sportz (O) Pet

Congratulations on your new Hyundai Grande i10. Wishes to clock many more miles without issues.
Updated Interior looks neat. Screen integrated with dashboard in a proper manner.
Jul 22, 2013
Re: It Came, She Saw, We Conquered! Yet Another Hyundai: Our Grand i10 Sportz (O) Pet

Congrats on your new Ride, Naveen. Pictures are great as always[clap]

The only thing I hate about this car is the rear bumbers.[frustration]
Oct 3, 2016
Re: It Came, She Saw, We Conquered! Yet Another Hyundai: Our Grand i10 Sportz (O) Pet

Belated Congratulations for the new Grand i10,
Personally i like Grand i10, even more than my Tiago , which is my 1st car and is running flawlessly for the last 2yrs (28800kms till date).
Grand i10 engine refinement is fantastic and like no other in its segment.
Do share subsequent service updates of your car.
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