Is Throttle Body The Cause Of Starting Problem in Car?

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Jan 18, 2018
A six year old Tata Nano petrol causing problem while starting in morning specially in cold days. In winter mornings while starting first time the engine cranks, makes noise but doesn't start completely. It takes trying 10 to 30 times before engine starts and sometimes never starts. This problem happens only in morning but afterwards never happens in day time while starting. The problem disappeared during summer but again coming due to cold days in rainy season. The car has run thirty thousand km and battery replaced recently.

The mechanic checked everything starter, fuel pump, earthing, battery terminal, engine belt and found working fine. Finally, he finds problem in throttle body and says it's leaking air and that causing starting problem. He opened throttle body, cleaned and placed but the problem is still happening. I am planning to change the throttle body and have some queries in this regard.

1) Can throttle body cause starting problem only during morning time?
2) What else could be cause of this problem?

Looking forward your reply. Thank you.
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