Interceptor Vans at Night

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Apr 21, 2012
New Delhi
I was returning home at around 11 pm when I noticed a interceptor van(innova) at the opposite Lane. ( i have seen the van at the same spot many times but only during day light)

It was facing the wrong way with 3 traffic cones placed before the car at a distance and the running lights on.

In daylight it is facing the same way the traffic is flowing so it seemed very odd to see the van like that.

Around 7-8 kms after I saw another police van in my Lane (another spot where intercepor van is common) and I am not proud but I was overspeeding (around 90kmph)
But it didn't have the word interceptor written on it plus the emergency lights were on.
That vehicle too was facing the opposite direction.

So the purpose of this thread is to let you know that these interceptors can track over speeding vehicles at night too. I didn't know this.
Now hoping the vehicle present there was a normal police vehicle and not an interceptor but lesson learnt.

Excerpt from TOI
interceptor vans which can track speeding vehicles through laser-based cameras not just during the day but also in the night.
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Aug 23, 2009
London, UK
Yes Delhi police has quite a few night interceptors now. I have seen in Dwarka and near Rohini after coming back from Murthal. Roads were empty and I was also at a high speed. I have no idea if I was challaned or not. :P

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