Hyundai Verna Steering Wheel Problem

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Aug 13, 2019
Subject-Poor, non durable & unacceptable Parts provided by Hyundai for Verna bearing Registration number BR01CG 9000..
Sir, I Mr Anil Kumar would like to state that I am owner of two Hyundai cars i.e Fluidic Verna bearing Registration number BR01CG 9000 & Eon BR01BL8373.
I want to Lodge a complaint for my Verna. I purchased this New Fluidic Verna CRdi 1.6 litre Sx model from Ashiyana Hyundai Boring Road Patna on 23/01/2014.
On 25/02/16 while returning from my village Bikram which is located at distance of 35 km from Patna it developed serious defect and I had a narrow escape from meeting a head on collision with truck as my steering wheel became very hard and was not operating .On 26/02/16 I bought my car to Ashiyana Hyundai service center in Patliputra Patna by towing. I was advised to change the upper column assembly and belt safety Lock which costed around Rs 22000. At that time the km of my car was 9609 KM. It is also not a usual fault which should have not occured at small run of my car. Again the same complain occured and I brought my car to the same service center on 10/07/19 and got it repaired. As steering wheel is one of most sensitive equipment of car I asked the service provider to carry out a minute inspection and rectify the fault properly. I was told to change MDPS motor and I got it done at a cost of around Rs 7000 .
It surprising that again on 09/8/19 i.e hardly after 30 days of my previous service while returning from Bikram the same problem developed and I again had a narrow escape in the evening while I was returning back to Patna. I immediately called Hyundai customer care and informed them about the complain. On that that I came back to Patna by hiring a car as I thought its unsafe to drive 40 km in night with faullty steering wheel. Next day i.e on 10/8/19 I again brought my car at Ashiyana Hyundai service center at Patliputra Patna at 11.30 am by taking risk of my life. I was quite surprised to know that again the same steering wheel problem developed which was repaired two years back at such a small distance covered by my car i.e only around 10000 km. I was told that it will cost around Rs 32000 for same. I am not in a position to bear so much amount at such a frequent interval as it's Hyundai fault.
Although the warranty of my car has expired but I believe I am still entitled to a free repair because the existence of such a serious defect in car which has only done 19570 km and that too twice indicates it was not of acceptable quality when I bought it. Ordinary wear & tear couldn't account for the problem so soon in the life of the vehicle. As I am a medical professional I am a careful & conscientious owner as the general condition of the car shows. I have not done anything to the car to cause this extra ordinary defect.
Therefore I request Hyundai india as you were under obligation to carry out the work on my vehicle with reasonable skill and care , using parts of satisfactory quality & fit for their purpose as laid down consumer protection act. But Hyundai is denying to do free. What action I should take
Thanking you.
Yours sincerely
Mr Anil Kumar
Car Registration number BR01CG 9000
Mobile number 9430422770
Jun 27, 2016
Subject-Poor, non durable & unacceptable Parts provided by Hyundai for Verna bearing Registration number BR01CG 9000.
Does the EPS signal turn on ?
Any fault codes found ?
Did you take second opinion from a trusted mechanic ?
Some 2014 verna had issue with steering due to faulty bearing inside power steering motor.
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