Hyundai Sonata Discontinued From India

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Feb 25, 2012
Hyundai’s big luxury sedan, the Sonata will not be on sale in India soon. Axed from the lineup due to slow sales, the third generation Sonata caused quite a stir when it was launched in 2001. The fact that it lacked diesel engine put paid to its run in the Indian market.

The first-generation car was known for its Jaguar-esque looks and was an instant hit when launched. The second-generation Sonata Embrea though, launched in 2005 but was not as popular as the earlier model. It was the only model in the Sonata's lifecycle in India that came with a diesel motor but sales were low due to its understated and mundane looks.

The third-generation car was launched in India in 2012 and the design was based on Hyundai’s fluidic sculpture styling language which meant it was attractive. However, lack of a diesel motor and overall segment shrinkage has resulted in poor sales. Now, production for the current-generation model had ended globally and the carmaker has discontinued the Sonata from the Indian market by deciding not ot bring the facelifted version here.

The carmaker, though currently has no offerings in the segment, is evaluating other models for India which could fill the gap, such as the Azera or the Sonata Hybrid, which is based on the next-generation Sonata.
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