Hyundai i20 Active Instrument Cluster Glass Rattling Noise

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Jan 23, 2017

I have been noticing a low rattling voice behind my instrument cluster since 6-7 months. During my last service in March 2018, I told service advisor about it. He told me later that it's been rectified by tightning a steering wheel bolt. Although, I did tell the mechanic that not to open a whole dashboard if that's what required to fix the rattling as it will just invite more rattling troubles in future.

So, I was well sure that sound was from instrument cluster area, maybe the nut/bolt was loose or something, but definitely was not from the steering. Yet, Service advisor and I took a small test drive, since the road was good, I didn't hear much of rattle.

Now, since March I had not used my car, and yesterday we drove 400KM and rattling sound was back and it was bit louder by the time we reached home. During the trip on way back, I put my finger on the instrument cluster glass without any hard pressure and sound disappeared. Soon as I untouch it, sound will start. So, it's obvoiuse that the sound is of loose glass or instrument cluster. I don't think I can fix it at home.

I have called service advisor and he told me to visit the workshop to get it checked. Anyone has any idea or experience on this?

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