Hyundai Grand i10 Diesel: Remapped By Tune O Tronics!!

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Oct 16, 2011
Finally, My Grand I10 is remapped by Tune O Tronics.

November 2015 :

I had planned to remap grand i10. I contacted few tuners regarding the same.


Me : Hello, I wish to remap my grand i10 diesel. What is the price? Have you remapped the car before?

Vivek : We can remap grand i10. But we have not done it before. It can be done. Price is 28K

Me : Thanks, I will get back to you

Code 6 :

Me : Hello, I wish to remap my grand i10 diesel. What is the price? Have you remapped the car before?

Sajan : Yes, we have done grand i10 remap before. Car is doing really good post remap. We can take it up to 100 bhp. It would cost you just 24K.

I decided to go with Code 6 as they claimed to have remapped grand i10 before and cost was little less than TOT.

But it turned out to be one horrible experience.

Details here :

February 2016 :

I thought of getting a tuning box from RD since Code 6 remap did not make any power. RD guys are really professional. They sent me a single channel box for trial. I drove for few days and ended up buying the box.

I was happy because there was power gain. But as I drove more, I realised power delivery is not across the entire revv band. There was good difference only between 1800-2500 RPM. Low and top end was almost like stock. A remap can make the torque hold for longer revv band.

July 2016 :

I decided to give remap another shot. I have a Wolf remapped SX4. Wolf tuner works in ship and was out of country. So I decided to contact TOT.

Me : Hello, I want to remap my grand i10. I had contacted you earlier, but decided to remap from another tuner and it did not work out well.

Vivek : Yes, I have read about your thread in Team-Bhp. I still say we have not remapped any grand i10 before. But we can definitely give it a shot. You would be the best person to judge about the car post remap

Me : Sure, let's fix a date and place for remap.

Vivek : Done!!

August 2016 :

I met Vivek in Bangalore. We drove to some deserted area. Road is closed for public here. So it was safe to do all tests with their VBOX.

I mentioned very clearly that I am not behind numbers. I just need good in gear acceleration. Grand i10 has good low end even in stock map and good driveability. I just wanted punchy mid range and little more juice at top end. My requirements were discussed with Sid.

Vivek did not waste time and opened hood to have a look at ECU and Turbo (Code 6 tuner had not even bothered to check). Sid asked Vivek to send snap of Injectors too. It was Delphi injection system.

Vivek said turbo is FGT for sure. There is no electronic solenoid here. Boost increase is possible only with a manual boost controller. It cannot be done with remap. ECU is delphi make : DCM 3.7. It's the same ECU used in I20.

Vivek read the map file using OBD port. Reading of map file took around 15 minutes. Vivek emailed the file to Sid. Sid made necessary changes. A lot of parameters were changed and made to work in harmony with each other. This is what TOT calls as "clean burn=no black smoke". Sid sent the remapped file in 1 hour. Vivek flashed the new file through OBD port. Writing of new map took just 10 minutes.

Now it's the time to put the car under test. I was not expecting much because of my previous experience with Code 6 map which hardly made any power gain.

Depressed the clutch pedal , pressed push start button and the engine fired like before. I was little tensed and was just hoping this remap experience would be fruitful. To my surprise, this happened to be the best remap. Car was pulling really well. There was no lag, mid range was very punchy and even top end had little more juice. I was so excited and started screaming "Yeah, Grand i10 is finally remapped and making good power too". Also there was no black smoke even under hard acceleration. Car was revving freely and it just felt like I am driving a totally different car. Vivek had got Vbox. We tested the car on both stock map and TOT map. I was very impressed with the difference.

We decided to go for lunch. Also Vivek said Sid will give an updated tune if required later. Now sid sends an updated file. I was excited to hear about this. Vivek flashed the new map and I go for a drive. This new map was just insane. Car was picking up speeds so easily. It was more free revving and engine sounded butter smooth. I never expected my car to transform like this.

Grand I10 has only 3 cylinders and 1.1 litre engine. Still TOT map made a significant difference. I can now imagine how tune friendly bigger torquey diesel engines would respond to TOT remap ( like my 1.6 S-Cross :D)

I was very happy with remap. But I was super happy when I drove more. ECU got adapted to new map and car felt more faster. It never felt like a 3 cylinder diesel engine. I was able to hit 3 digit speeds easily. Car used to struggle above 120 KMPH in stock map. I have not noticed any difference in top speed. It's all about good acceleration post remap. I always had to downshift to overtake in stock map. Now with TOT map, just press the throttle and car will pick up speeds very easily. Grand i10 has good driveability in city and TOT map has totally transformed the car on highways. It feels so easy to cruise at good speeds post remap. I will get a dyno run if possible. TOT recommends to get it done at Coimbatore.

V Box timing : 0-100 KMPH

Stock : 16.2 Sec

TOT Map 1 : 14.9 sec

We couldn't test the timing in TOT map 2. I am very sure it is faster. It should be in mid 13 sec.

My observations after trying out Code 6 remap, RD box and TOT remap in Grand I10 Diesel.

Code 6 :
1. Knowledge levels are questionable. Trial and Error methods to remap.
2. Not ready to accept any mistake or apologise.
3. False high power and torque gain numbers.

RD :
1. A bunch of professional guys and very supportive
2. RD single channel box alters only fuel rail pressure. Yes, it has power gain (but not across the entire revv band)
3. Plug & Play, Easy installation and No warranty issues.

1. These guys really know what they are doing.
2. One of the most experienced tuner in the country.
3. They tell stuff honestly and no cheap strategies in business.
4. TOT map made good power even for a puny 3 cylinder Korean engine.

I should have got the TOT map at beginning itself. I could have saved time and money. But, overall learnt a lot dealing with an arrogant code 6 tuner, professional RD guys and "The Remap Specialists : TOT". What matters is the experience of a tuner. Sid used to work for tuning houses in USA and very experienced.

After I posted about Code 6 experience in various forums, Sajan Thomas claimed nobody has developed a good tune for Grand I10 in India. Well, there is a really good map from TOT now and Yeah they took hardly one hour to do this.

Anybody can dance.. Well, Anybody can be a tuner. It's not at all difficult.

1. Get online training from European tuners for few days.

2. Buy some basic tuning equipment, start a website and make sure some reviews are put up in social media.

3. Most of the tuners who are not experienced change some values in few maps. They wouldn't even know what would be the effect. This is the reason for flat spots, excessive black smoke etc post remap.

My advice to those who wish to remap :

1. Make sure if tuner has remapped the car before, if not don't keep high expectations.

2. Check the background of tuner. Ask people around. People don't like to reveal about problems. Simple way to check is to see if a remapped car was sold soon.

3. Don't go by power gain numbers quoted by tuners. Only a proper dyno run will give actual numbers.

4. Always keep in mind that remap is a calculated risk which you are going to take. Suppose engine life in stock map would be 2 lakh KM, with a remap it would reduce by 10 percent. I don't mind taking that risk and enjoy the drive for 90 percent of engine life.

Many argue that remap is better than tuning box. I wish to be more specific here. A bad remap would be more harmful to the engine than tuning box. It's very important that tuner should know what he is doing. Most of the guys use trail and error methods to remap. There are so many maps in ECU. Suppose you change values in one map, there would be another map which would limit it. So it's very important to make sure that the maps are tweaked accordingly and made to work in harmony with each other. I can name few maps : Driver's wish map, smoke map, torque limiter map, boost map, Injector maps like opening duration and start of injection, fuel pressure map, EGR map etc.

I think I have had experience with almost all the known tuners now.

Petes and Wolf remap for SX4

Code 6 & TOT remap for Grand I10

RD single channel box for Grand I10

I really love TOT map in Grand i10 and Wolf map in SX4 :D
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