How To Transfer NCB To New Car?

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Aug 7, 2018
I sold my Santro in 2018. It was transferred in buyer's name probably around Nov/Dec-2018. Insurance was valid till Sep-2019. I didn't bother to inform the insurer of the sale.
At that time I planned to use a rental vehicle, so didnt feel the need to take NCB certificate either.
Now I am moving and need to give up the rental car and purchase a new car of my own. Is there a way I can transfer the NCB of my old car to new car ? Will there be any complications due to time elapsed after sale (11 months) or expiry of old policy (1 month ) ?

Please suggest.
Apr 9, 2011
NCB is following the individual and not the vehicle, as you may be aware and you can well claim NCB benefit for new car,
As per Indian motor Tariff regulations:


(d) The entitlement of NCB shall follow the fortune of the original insured and not the vehicle or the policy. In the event of transfer of interest in the policy from one insured to another, the entitlement of NCB for the new insured will be as per the transferee‟s eligibility following the transfer of interest. It is however, clarified that the entitlement of No Claim Bonus will be applicable for the substituted vehicle subject to the provision that the substituted vehicle on which the entitled NCB is to be appliedis of the same class (as per this tariff) as the vehicle on which the NCB has been earned. Provided that where the insured is an individual, and on his/ her death the custody and use of the vehicle pass to his/her spouse and/or children and/or parents,the NCB entitlement of the original insured will pass on to such person/s to whom the custody and use of the vehicle pass.

g) If an insured vehicle is sold and not replaced immediately, or laid up, and the policy is not renewed immediately after expiry, NCB, if any, may be granted on a subsequent insurance, provided such fresh insurance is effected within 3 (three) years from the expiry of the previous insurance. The rate of NCB applicable to the fresh policy shall be that earned at the expiry of the last 12 months period of insurance.

So if you sold a vehicle and for a new vehicle, as per your entitlement you can claim NCB if the fresh insurance is effected within 3 years from expiry of the previous insurance. Rate of NCB shall be as per eligibility at the expiry of the last 12 months period of insurance.
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