How To Check if My JBL Woofer is Original?

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Jun 18, 2014
Guys this is my first post on The Automotive.
I have been reading since 2 years though.

I got an i20 in May 2014

I recently got these upgrades done

1. Jbl GTO 949
2. Jbl CS1215B
3. V12 Alpine

I was putting something in the boot when i noticed the different nuts on the woofer rim. If anyone can throw light on this and let me know if this is normal or not. The output is fine but this has now put a doubt in my mind if this is original or not.

The last photo is of course the famous V12 ( I have already got the NM 1004, will install it tomorrow )

The dealer gave me a bill (without serial number ) and warranty card but its blank and said he will fill it only when there is a problem with the Woofer.


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