Honda City VMT iDTEC (2014) Ownership Review: Brown Phantom

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Aug 19, 2012
Updating after a long time.The City has run 69000 Kms and did 34000 Kms in 20 months with her.All is well with City except for 2-3 issues,which is annoying for me.The issues we are facing are,the brake bite is bit poor after crossing 100 Kmph(need to replace ABS modulator,which costs Rs.60K),RHS door(the one beside driver seat) power window got jammed and front bumper clips comes out and bumper comes out and we always go on fixing it on our own and need to replace the key fob battery cell as it worked for nearly 5 years and its just a small job and costs around Rs.100 to replace the battery.Thinking to get my City midlife makeover as I'm thinking to take over the car from my mom in few months and will use it as my daily ride and tell my mom to get an Automatic car for her daily commute to our school.
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