Honda Brio: Need Urgent Expert Advice on Dent Removal

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May 14, 2017

I recently bought Honda Brio. This is my first car.
Since its my first car, I always want it to look clean and beautiful.

Recently, just next to the driver's door knob I got two (not large) noticeable dents.
These are just dents without any scratches and because of this I am having sleepless night. I want to get it repaired ASAP.

I will try to post the picture of the dents very soon.

I am a first time car owners so I have some stupid questions .

Please advice ,

1) should I claim zero dep. insurance or repair the same from my pocket.
2) If it get it fixed through 3rd party service center, will be affect the warranty of the car ?
3) Any good repair shop around north bangalore ?
4) Any good DIY tool like pop a dent which I can try out ?

Thank you.
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