Hit From Behind. End Result?

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Nov 20, 2013
The terrible day may 9. Yes, my regular office commute from porur to Sriram It SEZ via chennai ORR. A regular day with my 9 year old CBZ, office bag and laptop. It was 18 km commute, right into 9 kms on commuting, on the left hand side lane meant for two wheelers with a Govt bus on right and a another heavy vehicle on the last lane. All of a sudden I was hit from behind (Yes, a XUV500) at some speed, everything happens in a fraction of second. Thrown in air and a loud bang. Head hitting the road at parallel. Moments later I knew I was alive as I heard a Govt bus braking hard and veering to the left avoiding me by the narrowest margin. I knew i am alive as I could see my eyes wide open. But I was on the road not in a mood to get up. Meanwhile people rushing towards me. Lifted me up and people called ambulance. Meanwhile a gentleman (Yes, a real one) in his car (later came to know it's an audi) carried me to hospital in the quickest time.

Meanwhile my mobile was intact and my friends and family were informed. Within an hour everyone was at the Hospital. I could hear the doctor talking to me. You are fine. Baring a dislocated shoulder and a concussions in neck and lower back. No blood and or any internal damage to the head.

Yes, thanks to the steelbird helmet that i had bought for Rs.1900. Later came to know that the bike is a total loss. The bike that I had from my college days...

Yup. Bikers always wear helmet.
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Oct 15, 2011
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Re: hit from behind..end result?

Every cloud has a silver lining. The Bike went for a toss, but your Helmet saved your life. You Can buy new Bike, Cherish the memories and stay alive to tell us the tales. Kudos to you.

If the area has any CCTV cameras (sometimes shops have too) to check who hit you. Hitting from behind is always the hitters fault.

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