Hi All. From Kolkata, a.k.a City of Joy

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Apr 22, 2017
Hi all,

I am Satyajit, born and raised in a small town near Asansol. But have stayed in multiple places all across India and now living in Kolkata for past 6 years.
By profession I am a software engineer but I wish there is a job opening for just travelling all around the world, I would have definitely taken that job. But as that isn't going to happen, so have to do boring software development and code churning for Vitamin 'M'.
My love or I should say obsession for Motor-Cycle and Cars started from early childhood. My father taught me and my elder brother how to ride motor cycle at a very young age. But he never let me drive (or taught me driving) because of my brother met with an accident at a very early age.
My first own motor cycle is a 2nd hand 350CC 1982 Royal Enfield, which I got for 40K. Used it for 5 years and I think have spend another 40K eventually on it in that time. After that I have used at least 7 Royal Enfield, the oldest was a 1976 and the newest a 2011 350CC Classic.
Now after getting married and becoming a father the need to be more responsible drove me towards owning a car. So got my first car a pre owned 2012 Tata Nano LX, using which have learned driving and used it for a year. The Nano is a great car, however it was not able to satisfy the requirement of travelling on highway (have travelled more than 5k via Nano on highway). So upgraded to a Hyundai i10. Now that's is my current car, with decent power and till now able to meet the highway run requirements.
Now a part of loving cars, I also have 2 dogs and multiple aquariums. So according to my wife our 2BHK is a small zoo (of course she includes me in it too [;)]).
I am browsing TAI for 6-7 months but have never registered (me being usual lazy). However the amount of information I have got is great and it's a good place to meet a lot of people of similar mindset (hope so), so have registered at last.
Now that is all from me, hope to meet a few petrol heads from Kolkata and other cities if time and situation permits.


Aug 23, 2009
Welcome to The Automotive India Satyajit and wish you a very pleasant stay.
We have quite few kolkatta members and surely you would love to catch up with them,our related kolkatta members met thread is updated time to time do have a glance at it.Do read our regulation board and get familier with it and feel free to contact the core team for any assistance.
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