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Mar 17, 2018
Hi my name's Rakesh. I'm from Mumbai.
From a very young age,I've been exposed to Japanese imports and American muscle cars. Because my dad used to deal in them since the 1980's as a hobby and a collector. Some cars I've sat in and gone to school are Ford mustang, Chevy Camaro, Chevy suburban. The last imported car we had was a Toyota station wagon. Till 1993 I think.
So that's my love for cars. Other than that I love photography although I don't pursue it, I just love following amazing photographers.
I'm in the business of manufacturing bobbypins and exporting them.
Currently we own and drive a celerio Diesel zdi (mine) brio (my wife) and my dad has his own brio.
So that's that.
Hopefully I can share some insights into the automotive world, as though not an engineer I love reading about engines and how they're made.
Warmest regards to all,
Jai Hind
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