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Sep 11, 2009
September 2020 - Continued - Fog Lamp Bulb Replacement

RH fog lamp accessible only after removing the bumper. Hindered by the windscreen washer tank. LH can be accessed by removing fender lining.

2020-09-15 16-39-46.jpg

5-1/2 year old local fog lamp. Our longest surviving unit. Third unit. Rusted, but not as badly as expected.

2020-09-15 16-40-19.jpg

Took some time and effort to open as everything including the screws were rusted and stuck. And also a good amount of Rust Off.

2020-09-15 16-48-21.jpg
2020-09-15 16-48-32.jpg

The conked bulb. Phillips H3. Survived 5+ years. The unbranded bulb came with it wouldn't have survived a month or two.

2020-09-15 16-49-39.jpg
2020-09-15 16-49-58.jpg

Got Osram Classic H3 55W. Surprisingly cheap at ₹ 43.00. Made in India. (Phillips was ₹ 130.00/piece and was made in Korea).

2020-09-15 16-52-09.jpg
2020-09-15 16-52-15.jpg
2020-09-15 16-52-25.jpg
2020-09-15 16-52-31.jpg
2020-09-15 16-52-53.jpg
2020-09-15 16-53-04.jpg

Installed bulb and the pling moment [frustration]. The frame wasn't fitting in any way. Used the pliers to hammer it into place and hit the glass and broke it [confused]

2020-09-15 17-05-00.jpg

Installed as such in any way.
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