Hell's Angel - Suzuki Zen Estilo LXi - Midnight Black

Apr 9, 2011
I enjoyed reading your initial posts in this one. Also amazing how well you've maintained the car over 11 year period, considering all the hits taken earlier. Really appreciated your narration of the accidents, with philosophical humour.
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Sep 11, 2009
May 2019:

Finally ordered something from Boodmo. All these years was using their parts manuals to search for part number. Was skeptical about ordering due to some unknown reason. On casual search, there were some parts, which not even the MGP guys were negative about. Ordered them right away since they were low-cost parts. Total was only around ₹ 131.00. Parts were not readily available, so there was no ETA. Date of shipment kept bouncing. Customer care was prompt and transparent. I just took the hit-miss chance. There was option to cancel anytime, but I kept waiting. Finally after 4-5 weeks, one part arrived as a surprise. There was tracking details in their app, but I completely forgot about it. 5-rupee part arrived in Fedex courier, without any shipping charge. After 2 more weeks, the other part arrived, which I never expected. Two separate couriers from two separate location, and free shipping. I was pretty impressed.

Later on, I ordered a pair of Honda Brio tail lamps, which was received in 3-4 days and shipping was around 200 rupees. (Package was pretty large, and bigger than what would fit in an average hatchback).

2019-05-04 20-49-29_resize.jpg

Breather Hose - 24825-M-67K00 - ₹ 5.00

2019-05-04 20-51-01_resize.jpg
2019-05-04 20-51-05_resize.jpg

Fusebox Cover - 36738-76G00 - ₹ 125.50

2019-05-15 15-35-47_resize.jpg

Another surprise. Made in Japan.

2019-05-15 15-35-57_resize.jpg
2019-05-15 15-42-40_resize.jpg
2019-05-15 15-42-49_resize.jpg

Never knew fuse box had cover, until pointed out by Aditya when I posted a pic of engine bay. It was missing before delivery.

2019-05-15 18-00-46_resize.jpg

And got covered after 12 years.

2019-05-15 18-02-06_resize.jpg

Breather hose. It was cracking over years and I cut and fitted back and now there is no more length to cut.

2019-05-15 18-05-54_resize.jpg

New one.

2019-05-15 18-06-21_resize.jpg

New vs left over of the cracked one.

2019-05-15 18-06-44_resize.jpg

With dust cap removed from older one.

2019-05-15 18-07-46_resize.jpg


2019-05-15 18-08-40_resize.jpg
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Sep 11, 2009
Sometimes **** happens....

...when you are too much pampered by reverse sensor...

2019-04-09 21-07-45_resize.jpg

... and sometimes when parts disintegrate on its own.

2019-05-15 17-58-04_resize.jpg

Now I understood why exhaust of most Marutis looks brand new.
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Sep 11, 2009
June 2019:

Shopping spree:

Felt it's time for a midlife refresh, started acquiring parts for fixing niggling issues for once and all.

First thing is list was the silencer. It is available as 3 pieces. Exhaust manifold, exhaust pipe (with catcon) and the muffler. Our damaged part was the muffler. Surprisingly, it was readily available at MGP and recent stock too, indicating a frequently sold part. Same for both generation Estilos and Alto 1.1.

Muffler - 14300M76G31 - ₹ 3,602.00

2019-06-26 16-54-48.jpg
2019-06-26 16-55-30.jpg

Muffler Mounting weren't damaged, but considering their age and since the muffler itself being new, bought them as well. Needs three of them.

Muffler Mounting - 14209M79020 - ₹ 35.00 x 3

2019-06-26 16-57-54.jpg

As equal important was replacing the broken tail light. It was an eyesore. It was available as well. Minda make.
Tail Lamp LH - 35671M59K00 - ₹ 1,037.00

2019-06-26 17-03-55.jpg
2019-06-26 17-04-42.jpg
2019-06-26 17-04-53.jpg
2019-06-26 17-05-03.jpg
2019-06-26 17-05-12.jpg

The repaired power window switch was malfunctioning as well. For the fear of burning the new window motor, decided to change it as well.

Power Window Main Switch Assembly - 37990M59K20 - ₹ 1,156.99

2019-06-26 16-59-03.jpg
2019-06-26 16-59-23.jpg
2019-06-26 17-00-48.jpg
2019-06-26 17-01-08.jpg

Coolant change was pending, so bought a liter as well. No mention of ratio, but from the vague chart got an idea of 30% coolant and 70% water for up to -15 degrees.
ECSTAR Coolant - 99000M24120-551AA - ₹ 263.00

2019-06-26 17-02-35.jpg
2019-06-26 17-02-48.jpg

All the above items were purchased from MGP, Pongummoodu. The guy over the counter was very helpful. Even searched through parts manual and checked warehouse to get necessary parts and he was fast too and happy faced. But only thing was he verbally promised to arrange rear bumper and call me in 2 days, which never happened. May be the part wasn't available.

Installed power window switch and tail lamp the first reaching home.

2019-06-26 20-44-30.jpg

My custom red backlit is gone. Gotta redo that soon.

2019-06-26 20-46-43.jpg

Later found side indicator cover fell somewhere. The base becomes brittle in 2-3 years and the lens falls off pretty easily. I was bored with amber cover, so switched back to clear. This is the fourth set. Stock amber>clear>amber>clear. These were from the last generation bug-eyed Zen. Got it from recently opened Mahindra Auto Mart showroom. Minda make.
Side Indicator - Minda 7067A-615 - ₹ 60.00 x 2
(Maruti Part #36410M74F00 - ₹ 82.00)

2019-06-28 22-23-12.jpg
2019-06-28 22-28-13.jpg
2019-06-28 22-28-27.jpg

LED fetish. Made a set for side turn indicator. Yet to finish.

2019-06-28 23-25-11.jpg
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