Hello TAI-Family

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Apr 25, 2016
Pune, India
Hi friends,
Greetings to all !

I am probably on of the newest members as of today on this great place of like minded people and I am a very satisfied person today to start with, for becoming a part of this cheered family. My name is Amlan Tripathi, 86 born!

Currently In: Pune, India
Hometown: West Bengal, India

I love cars, engines with a lot of respect. I feel its something in me that makes me take to the wheels everytime. Even when I am driving office every day or may it be a long drive on a weekend or vacation. Simply love to drive long, very long. Not too fast on speed but quality matter to more much more than few minutes faster. And I hate scratches. To add cherry to the cake, I am an amateur photographer and just love food, a big foodie ! [:)]

For my bread and butter, I work for an IT company in Pune, as an Analyst

I am originally a bengali, from West Bengal, where I gathered all my education and currently in Pune for past 6-7 years.

My love for automobiles started from a very young age. While towards end of schooling, started driving with my dad's old Santro, a beautiful car it was. And then went on to get my 1st own (an used one though) a WagonR 2006 model. Still driving with pleasure, every day [glasses]

I truly hope, we together will have a lot to talk, a lot to share and a lot of learnings for me every moment I spend with all you beautiful people [drive]
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