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Mar 6, 2016
I am a newbie here. Just joined in last week[clap].
Although I am a fan of cars and bikes ( a generic statement), I am in need of advice of people who have good knowledge about cars.
I am still in the "learning to drive" phase (my second time, actually) and I don't want anybody other than me, to TD the car of my choice before actually purchasing my first car.
I am vertically challenged at 5'3" [frustration]with a lean build. Needless to say, my height and my pocket, apart from the looks and the muscle of the car, constrain my choices. However, for now, I have narrowed it down to Swift Lxi (with ABS) and the Ford Figo Ambiente (NFF) 1.5 Diesel.
....and I have my heart set on the Figo.

Once again, thanks Mods [cheers]for letting me in this awesome place.

Baajey (Bhaskar)
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