Geekay Eco Bike Pro - Electric Cycle

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Sep 11, 2009
Geekay Eco Bike Pro - Electric Cycle

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The Story

One fine day cousin calls to discuss about electric cycles. I was like how stupid it would feel riding a cycle without pedalling. He was keen to buy one for him for daily work commute, which would be around 50 km up and down. Purpose was some physical activity and save on fuel as his ageing Hunk started giving more trouble and less gas mileage. Zeroe'd to Hero Lectro. No stock anywhere, both online and offline. Dealer offered to order one, but not sure of ETA. Other options were not satisfactory or unaffordable. Put the idea on hold.

One weekend returning from work, he spotted a middle-aged man returning from work on an electric cycle, chased him down and asked for details and mileage, and it was an Geekay Eco Bike Pro, and he got it from Amazon.

We had a heated discussion on buying a not-so-familiar brand electric cycle versus buying a new bike. Took Hunk to most dealers and all were quoting unreasonably low exchange rates and almost all bikes costing more than a lakh and having COVID-hit cash crunch, decided to go with the Geekay. Ordered on on credit card EMI.

Range of 50 km without pedalling. No clarity on this. Bill said 50-70 km. I managed to squeeze more than 50 km on a single charge, but without draining fully.
Powerful 36V 7.5 Ah battery.
Motor with 45 Nm torque, speed restricted to 25 kmph.
Detachable Li-ion battery. Locked with a key. Convenient to charge inside home or office without taking the cycle in. Got a USB port, can run lights or charge phone on it. Technically, a 50000+ mah powerbank.
Pedal assist. Kicks in as soon as you pedal off. Got a normal throttle as well.
Motor cut off with brakes.
Alloy frames with lifetime warranty.
LED headlight and horn. Sorely miss a tail lamp and front and rear reflectors.
Suntour front forks.
21-speed Shimano Tourney TZ gears.
Front and rear cable-operated disc brakes.
Waterproof wiring.
Frame size - 26"

Price: ₹ 32,799.00

Warranty - Lifetime for frame. One year for battery and controller. Six months for motor. (Front tube was faulty and sent a new one right away after contacting customer care)


Ordered to my address, so that I can assemble it at the earliest and keep it with me. He could save 10 km daily if starting from my place. Expected delivery via Amazon's channel, but they sent it via GATI. He works as a spare parts manager for a luxury brand and most stuff come from Pune via GATI and serviced by the same guy, so he became alarmed knowing how bad they are, mishandling, damaging, returning without informing customer, etc. We curiously tracked daily, and it finally reached the courier facility. We sent a local nearby friend to inquire as the phone was left unanswered as usual and took the owner's number. Followed up with him and got it delivered after 4 days.


Package and sites mentioned 85% assembled and takes 15 minutes for the assembly, but it was an altogether different story. Maybe 40% assembled, rest took almost 2 hours to assemble.

Initial Impression/Experience

It was a big surprise for me, the pedal assist, kicks as soon as you put effort on pedal. Very much torquey, 45 nm on papers. No need to shift gears even for start or stop. Did a 15 km trip, and it was as light as walking slowly on a treadmill. He would come home daily after work and pedal some distance to get used to it. Unfortunately, he met with an accident and fractured his leg the weekend before he was planning to start his office commute. Now, my personal commuter. Hardly taking bikes/scooters out. Commute time is similar with all the signals and traffic.

(More details and pictures will be added shortly).
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Sep 11, 2009
Packing and Unboxing

Offered to pick up from the courier facility, but they doubted it would fit in the car and that was kind of true with the ones at home that time. They delivered home in an Ashok Leyland Dost delivery van. Box was packed with plastic sack. Cousin specifically told to click or film everything as the courier might disown the damage, and we were not sure how the cycle vendor handles any transit damage or missing parts. So, made up my mind, this ain't gonna be right and started off.

2020-11-30 14-31-25_2.jpg

Box was in kind of good shape except some transit damage caused by stacking up. Box said should be kept vertical, but nothing on the sack.

2020-11-30 14-33-46_2.jpg

Neatly arranged. The bulging parts like the axle are the ones that damaged the box. Everything tied up with black cable ties. (I love cable ties [evil])

2020-11-30 14-34-27_2.jpg
2020-11-30 14-34-35_2.jpg

Lot of packing foam, bubble wrap, cable ties and little bit of cardboard. No content list for cross-checking. Boxes tied up with frame at different locations. Unpacking unveiled a box at a time. Got side stand, seat post, etc. likewise.

2020-11-30 14-38-22_2.jpg
2020-11-30 14-40-06_2.jpg
2020-11-30 14-43-32_2.jpg

Handle bar was prewired and gear cables installed. Brake cable was routed but not connected to levers.

2020-11-30 15-01-12_2.jpg
2020-11-30 15-01-17_2.jpg
2020-11-30 15-03-58_2.jpg

Battery holder cum controller was already installed and wired.

2020-11-30 15-05-04_2.jpg

Three boxes, rest all almost installed or ready to install or just needed adjustment. Battery, charger and accessories.

2020-11-30 15-05-21_2.jpg

Accessory box - Saddle, pedals, headlight cum horn, wheel reflectors.

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Sep 11, 2009

Started with installing handlebar.

2020-11-30 15-17-04.jpg

Four Allen bolts.

2020-11-30 15-17-49.jpg

Then the side stand.

2020-11-30 15-19-57.jpg
2020-11-30 15-18-30.jpg

Surprisingly, it had a dedicated sturdy kickstand mount, which we miss greatly on our B'Twin. Secured with two Allen bolts. If I remember right, our Hercules Topgear had similar mount, but not this heavily welded. Hercules models followed the same pattern. My Hero Devil had stand mounted on axle, which wasn't great.

2020-11-30 15-20-41.jpg

Front shock came with an old school dummy axle.

2020-11-30 15-22-20.jpg

Installed front tyres and now standing on own wheels.

2020-11-30 15-27-55.jpg

No quick release. Petal rotors.

2020-11-30 15-26-21.jpg

Disc caliper had some transit damage. Brakes are cable operated. Caliper mounts need tightening.

2020-11-30 15-26-26.jpg

Some more damage on frame due to carelessness. Cable got crushed on to the frame. Cable strands got cut and frame deeply scratched.

2020-11-30 15-33-08.jpg
2020-11-30 15-32-59.jpg

Shoddy taping. Taped just as extra reinforcement, but desires better finish on such a pricey bike.

2020-11-30 15-36-00.jpg

Rear derailleur is Shimano TZ500 6-speed, mated with an unknown brand 7-speed (14T-28T) free wheel [frustration]. Not a big deal. I had a 5 speed shifter with 6-speed cassette on Topgear with push-further 1st gear [evil] . Chain strays between gears on downshifts, needs fine tune. Chain got 108 links. Deciphered it to be KMC Z51 but looks like replica. Old school way of securing the extra length of cable. Derailleur also scratched in transit.

2020-11-30 15-36-28.jpg

Front derailleur is also Shimano TZ500 mated to a 3-speed chain wheel (24T-42T). Crank and chain wheel brands unknown.

2020-11-30 15-36-35.jpg

Chunkier crank. In my school days, Hero Ranger Swing had the best looking crank.

2020-11-30 15-36-37.jpg

Aluminium rims.

2020-11-30 15-36-41.jpg

Came shod with Ralson tyres. Spec said Wanda Kings.

2020-11-30 15-36-50.jpg

26 x 2.125" instead of promised 26 x 2.35"

2020-11-30 15-36-53.jpg

Made in India.

2020-11-30 15-36-56.jpg

The graphics.

2020-11-30 15-37-07.jpg
2020-11-30 15-37-14.jpg
2020-11-30 15-37-16.jpg

250W hub motor. Claims 45 nm torque. Yining brakes. Pads are copper. Hope they are some easily available generic ones.

2020-11-30 15-37-57.jpg

160 mm disc rotor.

2020-11-30 15-38-02.jpg

Seat post.

2020-11-30 15-44-36.jpg

Quick release.

2020-11-30 15-45-12.jpg

Post installed.

2020-11-30 15-45-23.jpg
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