Fuel Pump Problem in SX4 Diesel Celebration

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Aug 24, 2012
Hello Everyone,

Clocked more than 2100 Kms after changing the coupler and everything is normal[thumbswink][thumbsup]

Completed more than 15000 kms updates will follow in Ownership thread.

Have a safe Drive.
Oct 31, 2019
Hello Everybody,

It was dream ride with my SX4 diesel so far till I faced big problem.

I was just touching 10,000 Kms on my Odo and I was enjoying my ride everytime I go with my SX4.

But one day when I got ready for office and put all my belonging inside the car and tried to start car engine refused to start. First I thought that I may be wrong but second and third attempts were failed.

Then I suspected battery problem but all electronic devices were working perfectly and there was sufficient water inside the battery.

Then I tried to call authorised service centre but the phone was switched off. Then I called 24 X 7 Maruti helpline number and explained everything to them but no use as nobody contacted me immidiately.

Then I waited for 45 Mins then manager of service centre lifted his phone and informed me that someone will look into the problem. Two people came and informed me that they have to take car to service station for inspection.

On same day they informed me that there was moisture in rely hence this problem occured and they will replace the rely to avoid further doubts.[clap]

Next day they I got rely replaced under warrenty. Then after two days same thing again happened. Then I got my friends car and went to office and informed the service station.

They towed my car to service station and checked fuel pump. They found that fuel pump is getting unresposive sometimes and not injecting the fuel to engine while cold start. They talked to Maruti and got advise to replace entire fuel pump.

So I have wait for another 10 days to get Fuel Pump from Maruti (I don't know why this much time?). Then I told my dealer that I need car till my car gets ready. Dealer arranged Zen Estilo for me. I used it for about 10days.

Fuel Pump of my car was replaced under warranty. I saw the cost of Pump was Rs. 7500/-+ but I neednot have to pay for it.

Now I have driven more than 600 Kms after replacing the Pump. It seems problem is gone.

Now I am happy customer having got very good service from Maruti.[clap]
Sir the same problem is happening with me also. I have 2012 sx4 celebration diesel . I have changed a lot of pumps but there is no resolution . Please share the details of maruti workshop where you have repaired your car
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