Fuel Pump Issue in 10 Months Old ZMR

Jun 14, 2012
My ZMR also is facing the same problem, done 8k and she is of 1year2month old.
The fuel pump got damaged due to water, the water outlet tube was blotted.

They quoted 12k for the replacement, I am wondering whats the exact price for the fuel pump. Could any one help me on this.
I am looking at this issue in a different way. Please don't bash me.

Why did the fuel pump fail? What if this happens again beyond the warranty period? Is this a common problem in ZMRs?

Often we become very supportive of the manufacturer and the dealer when they replace a part for free. I think we should not think that they are doing a favor. They are doing their job and they shouldn't have got that job in the first place (in other words, the fuel pump shouldn't have failed). And you have paid for this service already - remember the price of the car includes the default warranty cost and umpteen other things including the cost of the lighting on the factory floor.

If this ever happens to my vehicle I wouldn't be happy regardless of how the dealer/company treats me.

Recently one of my American friends in CA dumped his BMW because it gave him couple of minor problems. The dealer did everything for free. He got top-notch service. But my friend gave the dealer a mouthful and put the car up for sale immediately. The expectation was BMW must not fail especially under warranty period under normal driving conditions.

My comments are generic and do not apply to any particular brand or model of vehicles. I just took this opportunity to provide a different view on this topic.

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